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BCPUD Shift Operator Job Description
Employment Application

The BCPUD is seeking to hire a full-time Shift Operator (water and wastewater) effective as soon as possible, with the precise timing of this hiring somewhat uncertain in light of the COVID-19 virus emergency and shelter-in-place orders. Interested candidates must possess and maintain at least Grade 1 Water Treatment and Grade 1 Water Distribution certifications, or must obtain and maintain such certifications within 12 months of employment. In addition, interested candidates must possess and maintain at least a Grade 1 Wastewater Treatment certification and at least a Grade 1 Wastewater Collection System certification, or must possess and obtain such certifications within 24 months of employment. The schedule for this position is 40 hours per week (including rotating and/or regularly scheduled weekend shifts), plus rotating weekday/evening stand-by shifts. Stand-by shift pay (currently $55.00 per shift) and overtime compensation in accordance with California state law also will be paid. Compensation includes an hourly starting rate of pay ($22.15, which is $46,072 (gross) annually – negotiable based on experience, certifications and other qualifications), plus a full benefits package, including paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, eligibility to participate in the district’s retirement and deferred compensation plans, and medical and dental insurance for the employee (fully paid by the BCPUD for the employee, 50% paid by the BCPUD for employee’s dependents), all as allowed by the terms and conditions of the applicable policies and plans. Interested candidates also must have a valid California driver’s license, a clean DMV record, a high school diploma (or equivalent), a social security number and a demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and constructively with others, as well as independently. Basic plumbing knowledge, electrical and/or engineering knowledge and experience with heavy equipment are also desirable.

For more information, including an employment application and a complete position description, please download these documents from the links at the top of this page:

TO APPLY: Please submit a completed application with a cover letter explaining your interest in this position by emailing it to us at bcpud@bcpud.org, or by mailing it to us at P.O. Box 390, Bolinas, California 94924, or by dropping off these documents in our public drop box at 270 Elm Road, Bolinas California 94924. If you already have a completed application on file with us, you may submit an updated application if you would like to do so, along with the required cover letter.

BCPUD is seeking to fill this position as soon as possible and will accept applications and interview candidates until the position is filled. The first round of interviews for this position will be conducted shortly after April 7, 2020 (or later if public health circumstances require postponement). To be considered for this first round of interviews, please apply by no later than Friday, April 3, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.