Bolinas Community Public Utilities District
A Meeting of the Sewer Pond Lands Committee Of The Board Of Directors

February 19, 2016    3:00pm    270 Elm Road, Bolinas


1.   Call to Order.


2.   Roll.


3.   Improvements to bike trail, per Don Smith's comments.  (all)


4.   Process for including a land "work" item in the annual budget.  (Jack and Vic)


5.   Budget proposal for consideration of items for the next year and continuing.  (all)


    a. removal of pampas grass

    b. items mentioned in the report, such as maintaining the bike path by removing hazards (eucalyptus debris)


6.   Prioritize recommendations with budgets. (Ken and all)


a. start with work on the knoll?

         b. grants - availability, status, deadlines

         c. Fire Safe Marin grant application – status


7.  Improvements to steep pedestrian path above the sun pond (Janine)


8.  Other BCPUD-owned lands (Genie)


a. earlier proposal (1992)

            b. list of BCPUD lands on the tax rolls

c. sources of information about other BCPUD property


9.  Community Expression.


10.  Next Meeting Date


  11.  Adjournment.