A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
February 23, 2005     7:30 p.m.      270 Elm Road, Bolinas    

1.  Call to Order   7:30pm

2.  Roll/Announcement Concerning  January 25, 2005 Closed Session

Directors Amoroso, Kimball McClellan, Siedman and Smith present    
 Board President Siedman announced a closed session was held January 25, 2005 during which no action was taken..

3.  Manager’s Report
Staff presented a proposal for replacing the 4 filter unit control panels at Woodrat 1 at a cost of $39,750.00. Director Smith noted that installation and programming of off-the-shelf controllers by a knowledgeable electrical engineer would not only reduce the cost of the upgrade, but would lessen the district’s reliance on US Filter

Staff presented the 2005 Deferred Maintenance List, noting that items will be ranked in priority order.

Staff presented photographs of a hazardous tree condition behind the BCPUD equipment bay at 270 Elm Road. Staff will contract for removing the tree.

Staff noted there was a main break at Woodrat One and problems with the intake. Items are now repaired and in working order

The Board received copies of the Department of Health Services Newsletter.

The Board received Cela O’Connor’s letter noting the February 28th, 2005 Planning Commission Public Hearing on the Use Permit for Michael Moritz’s property. Her letter details suggested changes to the permit.

The Board received BCPUD Chief Operator Bill Pierce’s report recommending a radio communications upgrade that will both improve current communications and serve in possible future emergency conditions. Item placed on the March 23, 2005 agenda.

The Board received copies of a State Water Resources Control Board workshop notice.

The Board received copies of the State of California, Department of Health Services, Disinfection Byproduct Maximum Contaminant Level Violation. The violation requires staff to notify customers of the violation. Staff noted this violation is the result of new federal standards rather than any increased amount of disinfection byproducts actually occurring. Staff also provided copies of the memo from engineer Jim Teter, which included an AWWA article about a successful approach to the problem.                                                    

Staff noted the new office computers are running smoothly and reported the older computers will be redeployed as a backup workstation to aid the coming administrative transition, and the other for use at Woodrat Treatment Plant.

4.     Community Expression

Director Smith referred the Board to Tom Willard’s email suggesting a method of bringing broadband Internet connectivity to Bolinas. Several board members noted the community would be interested in hearing more about this. Item will be placed on the March 23, 2005 agenda.

5.    Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District: District Manager Jim Wanderscheid Reports Findings from Service Requests

Jim Wanderscheid noted his department has responded to five service requests from Bolinas residents and has identified 22 mosquito sources. His department is analyzing these data and will report findings to BCPUD 42 callers have placed their properties on the no-spray list. Lastly, 27 anonymous callers have registered complaints about mosquitoes in various neighborhoods.

Mr. Wanderscheid re-affirmed his department’s interest in working with the community to solve the mosquito problems and that he is looking forward to working with the committee to be appointed tonight. He noted the possibility that he can help out with local drainage problems and pointed to instance where his department has assisted with drainage projects in other towns. He noted the critical importance of screening septic vents and sealing over septic tanks.

6. Volunteer Committee Reports

--Alternative Energy: Nothing to report

--Beach:  Magi Barror reported that an interim committee report will be issued in April, 2005. Mr. Barror noted while the camping ordinance could be part of the solution, the committee also wants to identify and address the many and varied causes of beach problems, for example the overflow of out-of-town beach partiers after Bolinas Community Center reggae dances. 
Director Siedman noted the ban should be extended to cover the holidays of long weekends.

--Community Paths Group: Director Smith reported the group is researching funding sources.

--Downtown Parking and Traffic:  Director Amoroso noted that Leo Kostelnic and Jennifer Blackman are preparing a letter to the California Coastal Commission. He noted that recent parking and traffic regulations enacted in Pacific Grove, California, may have a positive impact on the Commission’s decision about the Bolinas plan.

--Mesa Drainage: Mathew Lewis presented the Drainage Committee’s report. Recommendations were: First, the Board should approve repairs to Beatrice Schwartz’s property. Second, the Board should approve the removal of the termination point of the Poplar drainage project as it stands on Hawthorne consistent with prudent safety precautions. Third and lastly, that the Board approve the drainage permit to be submitted by Ned Hoke.

Director Smith recused himself from discussion regarding items 1-3.

Director McClellan pointed out that Ms. Schwartz’s letter is a claim for payment. Director Siedman noted that if the Board approved the recommendation, it would involve the district in what is actually a private dispute between Bolinas neighbors.

Director McClellan noted in response to recommendation two, that BCPUD cannot approve a drainage permit in advance of it being actually submitted. There were no objections to number two.

Director Kimball praised the reasonable solutions the committee has worked out in the Poplar drainage dispute and suggested that recommendations two and three be addressed when the Hoke permit is submitted. Director McClellan pointed out the tremendous amount of volunteer time Matt Lewis and the Drainage Committee have given Bolinas.

--Resource Recovery:  Board members received copies of the January, 2005 financial report.

--West Nile Virus Task Force: A report will be given next month

7.  Committee Formation-Mosquito and Vector Control Program

Amoroso/McClellan   all in favor   to accept all applications for consideration without respect to deadline.  Director Siedman asked all applicants present to give a statement. The Board of Directors then voted.

Voting results are:  Russ Faure-Brac, Elizabeth Goldblatt, Helge Hellberg, Bobbi Kimball, Barry Smith. Alternates for the committee are: Vic Amoroso as BCPUD alternate, Eleanor Lyman, Alethea Patton, Penny Vandyk and Warren Weber as alternate to Helge Helberg, representing organic farmers.

The committee schedule its first meeting and then will begin working with Jim Wanderscheid.

8.    Pine Gulch Creek Property: National Park Service Letter Regarding Offer   

A copy of a Untied States Department of Interior letter dated February 1, 2005, responding to BCPUD’s offer to sell the property to the National Park Service for $1,450,000 will be sent to County Counsel with BCPUD’s request for a ruling on whether development will be allowed on the ten-foot easement. Director Siedman will draft the letter.

9.    County Counsel Opinion Regarding Zoning Applicable to 5 Bolinas Bluff-top   Parcels       (Ocean Parkway from Overlook to Rosewood)

Staff will ask letter’s sender to correct a typographical error in the letter that changes its meaning

10.  Septic Upgrade Proposal-270 Elm Road

Staff will contact Kit Rosefield  for a confidential septic inspection at the BCPUD building and will submit his findings to the Board.

11.  LAFCO Election for Special District Member

Smith/Kimball    all in favor       to elect Einar Asbo, first choice

Amoroso /Smith all in favor     to elect George Quesada, second choice

The Board abstained from a third choice.

  12.  Other Business

a.  Board Committee Reports
--Finance: 2/22/05 Meeting Report
  Board members received current copy of draft budget

--Legal: Nothing to Report

--Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads: Nothing to Report
--Operations: Ratify 1/19/05 Computer Purchase Approval
  Amoroso/Smith    all in favor    to approve

--Park and Recreation: Mesa Park: Amend Notice of Determination

Mcllelan/Smith     all in favor     to approve

--Personnel: General Manager/Executive Secretary Recruiting Status and Discussion

Board members received copies of PERS Valuation for 2.5% at 55.
Board members received copies of employee survey document.
There will be a closed session of the personnel committee on March 3rd, 2005 at 7pm.

 --Sewer:  Nothing to report 

b.    Minutes of January 19th, 2005 Meeting 
   Kimball/Smith   all in favor to approve
c.    Warrants
      Smith/Kimball   all in favor   to approve
d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)  March 23, 2005
13.  Adjournment 11:24