Bolinas Community Public Utilities District
A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors

March 16, 2016   7:30pm    270 Elm Road, Bolinas



1.  Call to Order.


2.  Roll.


3.  Manager’s Report.


-- Update on the Wharf Road Lift Station Pump Replacement Project.

-- Update on the BCPUD Chlorine Disinfection Byproduct Reduction Project.  (See Item 6, below)

-- Update on BCPUD/BFPD Survey of Obstructions and Encroachments in the Public Rights-of-Way on the Bolinas Mesa.

-- Drainage Project Manager’s Report.


4.   Community Expression.


5.   Request for a BCPUD Resolution Declaring Bolinas a “Drone-Free Zone”.  (M. Marin).


6.   Report and Recommendations re: Reduction of Chlorine Disinfection Byproducts in the BCPUD’s Drinking Water. (J. Van Bourg and L. Likover).


7.   Water Supply Update.


8.  Volunteer Committee Reports.

-- Bolinas Lagoon Advisory Committee:

-- Downtown Parking & Traffic Committee:

-- Resource Recovery:  Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for the Resource Recovery Project.

-- West Marin Mosquito Control Coordinating Council:

-- Land Stewardship Committee: 


9.  Other Business.

  a.  Board Committee Reports.

-- Finance: Update on the FY 2016-17 Draft Budget; Minutes of the February 9, 2016 committee meeting; Minutes of the February 23, 2016 committee meeting; Minutes of the March 8, 2016 committee meeting.

-- Legal: 

-- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads:

-- Operations: 

-- Park and Recreation: 

-- Personnel:

-- Sewer:

b. Minutes of the February 17, 2016 regular Board meeting.

c. Warrants.

d. Scheduling of Next Meeting(s):


10.  Adjournment.