A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
April 20, 2005       8 p.m.    

270 Elm Road, Bolinas


  1.  Call to Order

  2.  Roll / Announcement re April 6, 2005 Closed Session

  3.  Manager’s Report

  4.  Community Expression

  5.  Volunteer Committee Reports

        -- Alternative Energy:
        -- Beach:
        -- Community Paths Group:
        -- Downtown Parking and Traffic:
        -- Mesa Drainage: Indemnity Agreement Request;:Hetich Property;
            Recommendation: Budget Increase for Mesa Drainage Project.
            Recommendation: Seeking competitive bids to finish “Pilot Project”
        -- Mosquito and Vector Control Committee:
        -- Resource Recovery:
        -- West Nile Virus Task Force:  discussion re BCPUD taking further
                                                          preventive action

  6.  Resolution 516, Proposing An Election Be Held November 8, 2005;
       Requesting The Board Of Supervisors To Consolidate With Any    
       Other Election Conducted On Said Date; And Requesting Election
       Services By The County Registrar of Voters

  7.  Resolution 517, Conditionally Appointing Jennifer Blackman To Position
       Of General Manager, Effective August 1, 2005

  8.  Local Coastal Program Update Report

  9.  Should BCPUD Contribute Money Toward The Purchase Of A Water Meter
       For Mesa Park From The Bolinas Community Land Trust –
       (BCLT is contemplating a quick sale)

10.  Mobile/Base Radio Upgrade Proposal

11.  Resolution 518, Eliminating PERS Employer Paid Member Contributions
       Effective 10/29/05

12.  Other Business

        a.  Board Committee Reports
            -- Finance:  report on 4/12 meeting; authorization to mail draft budget and
                               Proposition 218 rate increase notices to customers;
            -- Legal:
            -- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads:
            -- Operations:
            -- Park and Recreation:
            -- Personnel:
            -- Sewer:   
        b.  Minutes of March 23, 2005 Meeting
        c.  Warrants
        d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

13.  Adjournment