A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
April 21, 2004       8 p.m.   
270 Elm Road, Bolinas


   1.  Call to Order

   2.  Roll

   3.  Manager’s Report

   4.  Community Expression

   5.  Expanded Water Use Permit Application:  Hawks
        project location:  165 Nymph

   6.  Expanded Water Use Permit Application:  Yost
        project location:  150 Aspen

   7.  Coastal Permit Application (CP 03-34):  Harrison
        project location:  315 Mistle

  8.  Coastal Permit Application (CP 04-12):  Salwen 
        project location: 216 Ocean Parkway

  9.  Lot Line Adjustment (LL 04-13):  Krakauer
       project location:  24 Park

10.  Seadrift Development Permit for Rip Rap Seawall: 
       Cela O’Connor letter

11.  BCPUD Policy re Hazardous Trees; Mesa Hazardous
       Trees Survey; Consideration of Tree Removal at
       Poplar and Cedar

12.  Water System Engineering Report:  Terrace; Evergreen at Larch;
        Dogwood at Larch; Olema/Bolinas at Pine Gulch Creek Bridge;
       Activated Carbon Filter Pilot Project

13.  2003-04 Financial Audit Proposal:  Bunker & Co.

14.  Request for Reimbursement for Road Maintenance
       Adjacent to BCPUD Property

15.  Other Business

a.  Committee Reports
      -- Alternative Energy:
      -- Downtown Parking and Traffic:
      -- Finance:  2004-05 budget process; approval to mail
          draft budget/Prop 218 Notices;
          3rd Quarter financial report
      -- Legal:
      -- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads:
      -- Operations:
      -- Park and Recreation:  Mesa Park:  RWQCB’s
          draft Water Reuse Permit and Self-Monitoring Plan
      -- Personnel:
      -- Sewer:  Resource Recovery Project; Community Paths Group
      -- Solid Waste: 
b.  Minutes of February 18, 2004 Meeting (amended)
c.  Minutes of March 17, 2004 Meeting
d.  Warrants
e.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

15.  Adjournment