Bolinas Community Public Utility District
A Regular Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
May 16, 2012     270 Elm Road, Bolinas


1.   Call to Order.

    7: 32 p.m.

2.   Roll.

    Directors Amoroso, Bender, Kimball and Siedman present; director Smith absent.  Director Siedman presiding.

3.   Manager’s Report.

-- Update on the Terrace Avenue Bluff Stabilization Project

Agenda item 9 (see below).
--    Update on Terrace Avenue Water Main Relocation Project

Staff currently is preparing the bid documents for this project with the objective of commencing the project after the Labor Day holiday.

 -- Update on the Wharf Road Service Saddle Replacement Project

Staff reported that the bid opening for this project was yesterday; three qualified bids were submitted and the lowest responsible bidder was Piazza Construction.  Staff noted that the Board will take action on this project during Item 10 on the agenda (see below).  If the Board approves proceeding with the project, the next step will be to hold a pre-construction site meeting and set the schedule for the work.  Staff would like to notify downtown businesses and residents about the work plan and the impact on parking/water outages as soon as possible.  The district’s objective is to complete this project during June.

-- Update on Video Inspection of Sewer Laterals on Wharf, Park and Portions of Terrace Avenues

No update at this time.

-- Update on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Pump Station and Electrical Upgrade Project

No update at this time.

Staff reported that water consumption in the district is down a bit from this time last year based on the most recent meter readings for the mid-Mesa.  The district’s outside consulting technician visited the Woodrat Water Treatment Plant on May 9th and conducted a full day of training for staff that was very helpful.  Staff is preparing for an inspection on May 30th by the California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”) and plans to share data and discuss with the inspectors the district’s latest efforts to reduce chlorine disinfection byproducts in its drinking water.
    Staff is working on the district’s Consumer Confidence Report and the state water license reports, both of which are due no later than June 30, 2012.  Staff directed the Board’s attention to the completed Department of Water Resources and CDPH annual reports in the Board binders.

Staff noted that the National Park Service has requested that the district execute another letter of intent for the continuing authorization of the old water treatment plant on NPS lands.  The Board had no objection.  Similarly, the Board had no objection to staff submission of a voting proxy in favor of the USA North’s Nominating Committee slate of candidates.

Staff presented a letter from the Association of California Water Agencies/Joint Powers Insurance Authority (“ACWA/JPIA”) regarding the transition of the Health Benefits Authority (“HBA”) from ACWA to the ACWA/JPIA.  Staff noted that this was a big topic at the ACWA/JPIA conference, which staff attended earlier in the month in Monterey.  Staff commented that another big topic at the conference was an ACWA/JPIA Executive Committee recommendation to oust a member water agency; the subject agency made a plea to the full Board (i.e., all member agencies) to be given time to address concerns and the result ultimately was a vote by the Board to overrule the Executive Committee decision and give the member agency six months to show improvement.

On the wastewater side of operations, the district is mowing the sprayfields to prepare for spray season.  The flows into the system are quite low and the disposal fields are relatively dry given the sparse rainfall this year.

-- Drainage Project Manager’s Report

    The Board reviewed a written report submitted by Drainage Project Manager Lewie Likover.  Staff noted that there is a request from the district later on the agenda for the Board’s approval to install and/or replace several culverts. (see item 8, below)

4.   Community Expression.


5.    Request for Financial Relief from Quarterly Water Bill pursuant to BCPUD Resolution 553 – 80 Terrace Avenue (N. Franklin).

    Neshama Franklin was present to explain that she received a bill for $93 for water loss due to a leaking toilet at a vacant house.  She requests relief as she was unaware of the situation and repaired it immediately when she did discover it.  Director Kimball said the Board considered a similar request at the last regular meeting and approved a 25% reduction. Director Amoroso said that in some cases the Board has approved a 50% reduction, but director Kimball noted that those were in cases of extreme financial hardship only. 

B. Kimball/K. Bender    all in favor    to approve a reduction of 25% of the amount of the bill attributable to the leak, as determined by the three-year average record of water use at the property during the same quarter.

6.    Request that BCPUD Pay the Cost of Relocated Water Service to 126 Terrace Avenue (Lowe).

    Staff presented a letter to the Board from Bob Lowe at 126 Terrace Avenue.  Mr. Lowe feels that he should not be required to pay for the new service connection to the relocated water meter on Terrace Avenue as he previously paid for the plumbing to the former meter location behind his property.   Staff said that the price of the new service installation based on two bids received for the work (one from Don Murch and one from B&W Plumbing) is approximately $2,660.00; staff noted that B&W Plumbing is a licensed plumbing contractor. 

Kim Bender moved that the district should pay for the cost of the new service installation since this property owner paid for the original service installation to the meter behind his property and director Kimball seconded the motion.  Director Siedman noted that in retrospect, it was an error for the district to have located the meter behind the Lowe property.  Discussion ensued about past precedent in similar situations; director Kimball also noted that a source of funds should be identified to pay for the work if approved and suggested that the source should be the “capital expenditures” category of funds from the Pine Gulch Creek property sale.  Director Amoroso said he would prefer to see the money expended from the district’s reserves.  Director Kimball moved to amend director Bender’s motion to pay for the new service installation from the property sale proceeds “capital expenditure” category of funds.

K. Bender/K. Kimball         three in favor, director Amoroso opposed    to approve the BCPUD paying for the cost of the new service installation at the Lowe property with the funds to be expended from the property sale proceeds “capital expenditure” category of funds.

7.    Request for Information Concerning the Sale of the BCPUD’s Pine Gulch Creek Property, Budgets and Related Financial Information. (M. Lewis).

Director Kimball presented an accounting of all expenditures made by the district from the proceeds of the sale of the Pine Gulch Creek property to the National Park Service.  She noted that the first was a payment to the adjacent property owner per the terms of a 1979 settlement agreement.  She then methodically detailed each category of expenditure of funds per the categorization established by the Board during a special Board meeting in June 2010.  Director Kimball noted that a column of “other” expenditures included the pay-off of three existing loans as well as the balancing of the budget so that the district did not need to raise the annual service charges.  In response to questions from other directors, director Kimball made several clarifying notations to the accounting.  Director Kimball said that she had reviewed the data with director Smith prior to his departure on vacation and that director Smith requested that she convey his opinion that the district should expend all of the proceeds from the sale of the Pine Gulch Creek property to pay for needed capital improvements, without raising rates to customers.  

Staff was asked to update the accounting based on the Board discussion and send it to Matt Lewis with a copy of the minutes from the special June 2010 Board meeting.

8.    Right-of-Way Permit Application:  Replace Culvert Across Iris on North Side of Elm Road; Install Culvert Across Sycamore on North Side of Elm Road; Replace Culvert Across Birch on South Side of Elm Road; Replace Culvert Across Aspen on South Side of Elm Road (BCPUD).

Staff explained that the district staff will install or replace the culverts in-house, with an outside hire as necessary, to be paid from the drainage budget.

B. Kimball/K. Bender    all in favor    to approve the BCPUD’s right of way permit application.

9.    Approve Memorandum of Understanding Between the BCPUD and the County of Marin Regarding Phase Two of a Geotechnical Assessment of Terrace Avenue at Surfer’s Overlook in Bolinas; Approve Proposal from Sanders & Associates Geostructural Engineers (“SAGE”)

Staff presented the Memorandum of Understanding and noted that the Bolinas Fire Protection District (“BFPD”) also will be a signatory if so approved by its Board of Directors on May 28th. 

K. Bender/B. Kimball    all in favor    to approve the Memorandum of Understanding.

V. Amoroso/K. Bender        all in favor    to approve the Proposal from SAGE for a second phase of the geotechnical assessment of Terrace Avenue at Surfer’s Overlook.

10.    Resolution 611:  Approving Form of Contract Documents for the Wharf Road Service Saddle Replacement Project and Awarding a Contract for the Project to the Lowest Responsible Qualified Bidder, Subject to Certain Conditions.

B. Kimball/K. Bender        all in favor        to approve Resolution 611 and award the contract for the Wharf Road Service Saddle Replacement Project to Piazza Construction for $86,506.00.

11.    Resolution 612:  Establishing BCPUD Policy Concerning Public Requests to Amend the Minutes of a Meeting of the BCPUD Board of Directors.

Director Amoroso requested that the policy be revised to require 14 days (rather than 7) advance submission of a public request to amend the minutes of a BCPUD Board meeting.  There was no objection.

K. Bender/V. Amoroso        all in favor    to approve Resolution 612, as revised.

12.    Approve the BCPUD’s Accounting Controls Procedures and Policies Manual.

Staff presented a draft Accounting Controls Procedures and Policies Manual written by staff and the district’s bookkeeper in response to a recommendation by the district’s auditors.  Board members presented several suggested revisions to the manual and to clarify existing language.

V. Amoroso/K. Bender        all in favor    to approve the Accounting Controls Procedures and Policies Manual, subject to the addition of the clarifying revisions offered by Board members.

13.    Amendment to BCPUD Resolution 247 (Water Service Termination Procedures).

This item was deferred until director Smith’s return from vacation.

14.    Update on Water Supply Augmentation Project.

Staff reported that the pressure transducer was installed on May 8th and that Chief Operator Bill Pierce, director Smith, Resource Recovery Manager Mike Aitken and consulting hydro-geologist Rob Gailey were present.  All of the equipment and software were tested and a data collection form was created;  data will be collected and downloaded monthly.  The purpose of this data gathering is to establish the baseline conditions (including barometric efficiency) in the aquifer.  As time goes by, this data also will help the district assess the impact of the use of the irrigation well by Mesa Park. 

15.  Volunteer Committee Reports

-- Alternative Energy:  Nothing to report.

-- Bolinas Lagoon Technical Advisory Committee:  Director Amoroso said that a meeting concerning the lagoon was announced and held at the Firehouse Public meeting room; the only attendees were Ralph Camiccia, Rudy Ferris, Cela O’Connor (who evidently announced the meeting) and himself.

-- Community Path Update:  Director Kimball reported that she met with Pete Maendle from the Department of Public Works about the damage to the bike path median at the top of the hill and agreed that the BCPUD staff will install rock at the damaged location (with staff time to be reimbursed from the path funds) and the County will provide the rock.  Director Kimball further reported that she hired a laborer to do some weeding of the median strip on May 21st .

-- Downtown Parking & Traffic Committee:  Nothing to report.

-- Resource Recovery:  Nothing to report.

-- West Marin Mosquito Control Coordinating Council:   Director Kimball reported that the Council met on April 30th and the meeting basically was an organizing meeting for the Spring.  The Council intends to focus its public education efforts on communicating with the community about alternatives to DEET for mosquito protection.

16.       Other Business

a.  Board Committee Reports

-- Finance:  Report on Draft Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Budget.

Staff reported that Proposition 218 notices were sent out to customers on May 3, 2012 to apprise them of the proposed increase of $67 (7.05%) to the annual water service charge and the proposed increase of $24 (2.52%) to the annual sewer service charge.  A public hearing on the district’s proposed budget is scheduled for June 20th and budget adoption tentatively is scheduled for July 18th  .

Staff noted that draft minutes of the Finance Committee meeting are in the Board binders for review;  beginning effective May 1, 2012, the district will prepare formal minutes of all Finance Committee meetings.  Staff also noted that a proposal letter from Doran & Associates for the district’s fiscal year 2011-12 is in the binders for a fee of $7,850 and will be included on the June meeting agenda for approval.

-- Legal:  Nothing to report.

-- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads:  Nothing to report.

-- Operations:  Nothing to report.

-- Park and Recreation:   Director Amoroso reported that Mesa Park would like to begin the permit process for the ballfield irrigation and public restroom project, but the state has not yet responded to the district’s request to amend its grant to change the water source from reclaimed water to the water from the irrigation well.  Mesa Park therefore will proceed with a planning consultation with County staff, but will defer the actual permit application process until the state has responded on the grant amendment request.  Director Siedman said that large olive trees will soon be planted at the Downtown Park, along with fruit trees and sod in the next few weeks.

-- Personnel:  Approve Amended Memorandum of Understanding Re: Compensation and Benefits between BCPUD Board of Directors and BCPUD Employees.  The amended MOU provides a 3% pay raise for staff for the 2012-2013 fiscal year; a $50 per month cell phone reimbursement for the General Manager and a $2.00 per hour increase for shift operator Scotty Hanks for the specialized professional and industrial painting skills he contributes to the district, which saves the district thousands of dollars annually.

K. Bender/B. Kimball        all in favor    to approve the amended Memorandum of Understanding.

Director Kimball said that she and director Siedman have scheduled a meeting with an insurance broker who works with both Commonweal and the Coastal Health Alliance on their health insurance benefit plans. Director Kimball has interviewed the Bolinas-Stinson School, the Bolinas Fire Protection District, the Inverness Public Utility District, the Stinson Beach County Water District, Commonweal, and the Coastal Health Alliance about their health insurance benefits.  All of these employers also are grappling with the rising costs of health insurance.  Both of the other utility districts obtain their Kaiser coverage via CalPERS, which director Kimball intends to research.   As a preliminary matter, the insurance broker advised that the district likely won’t do better than Kaiser in terms of cost, but the district can and should look at other plans or options for funding. 

-- Sewer:  Nothing to report.

b. Minutes of the April 18, 2012 Regular Meeting.

Directors Smith (via e-mail), Amoroso and Kimball offered clarifying corrections to the minutes.

B. Kimball/V. Amoroso    all in favor    to approve the minutes of the April 18, 2012 regular meeting as amended

c. Warrants

K. Bender/B. Kimball    all in favor    to approve the warrant list.

d. Scheduling of Next Meeting(s) 

    June 20, 2012  (public hearing on the budget); directors Kimball and Bender will be absent

17.    Adjournment.

9:25 p.m.