A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
June 16, 2004      8 p.m.      

270 Elm Road, Bolinas

  1.  Call to Order

  2.  Roll

  3.  Manager’s Report

  4.  Community Expression

  5.  Notice of Pending Resignation by Director Joan Bertsch
      Announcement Concerning Appointment to Fill Board Vacancy

  6.  Parking and Traffic:  lower Terrace Avenue issues;
       proposed minor changes to Wharf Road parking;
       parking restrictions on Upper Terrace Avenue

  7.  Expanded Water Use Permit:  Gallagher. 
       project location:  10 Mesa Road

  8.  Public Hearing:  2004-05 District Budget

  9.  2004-05 District/Employees Memorandum of Understanding

10.  Mesa Park:  Waste Water Reclamation Project: 
       Resolution 502, adopting a negative declaration of environmental impact

11.  Terrace Avenue Pipeline Relocation Project:  Resolution 503,
       designating general manager as authorized representative to
       execute easement agreement and contract documents

12.  Pine Gulch Creek Property (AP# 188-090-14): easement reformation

13.  Coastal Permit Application:  Moritz
       project location:  5675 Horseshoe Hill Road

14.  Draft Policy Re Hazardous Trees in BCPUD Rights-of-Way

15.  Marin Countywide Plan Update

16.  Resolution 504, Establishing a Sister City Relationship
       With Town of San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico

17.  Meter Transfer Extension Request:  Smith/Mickelson
       project location:  38 Ocean / 191 Poplar

18.  Coastal Commission Letter Re Seadrift Revetment

19.  Meter Suspension Request:  Amoroso – 17 Brighton

20.  Waste Management/Teamsters Labor Agreement Status Report

21.  Other Business

a.  Committee Reports
      -- ACWA JPIA Spring Conference Report
      -- Alternative Energy:
      -- Downtown Parking and Traffic:
      -- Finance: 
      -- Legal:
      -- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads:
      -- Operations:
      -- Park and Recreation:
      -- Personnel:
      -- Sewer:  Resource Recovery Project; Community Paths Group
      -- Solid Waste: 
b.  Minutes of May 19, 2004 Meeting
c.  Warrants
d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

22.  Adjournment