Bolinas Community Public Utility District
A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
June 16, 2004    270 Elm Road, Bolinas

1.    Call to Order: at 8:05pm       

2.    Roll

Directors Amoroso, Bertsch, McClellan, Siedman and Smith present.
Director Bertsch presiding.

3.    Manager’s Report

Board members received a recap of the Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting held by FEMA and the California Office of Emergency Services. Bolinas may be eligible to receive funding to mitigate local hazards such as the erosion on Terrace Avenue. Continued to the July 14, 2004 meeting agenda.

Board members received Governor Schwarzenegger’s financing reform information. The Schwarzenegger tax reform package shifts an additional $350 million to the state this year and next (2004-05 and 2006-06). In exchange, special districts have a commitment from the Governor to support a constitutional initiative that would protect local agency’s future funding.

Amoroso/Siedman  all in favor  for Staff to write a letter supporting the Governor’s proposal and encouraging private citizens to do the same.

Board members received an announcement of a meeting with Steve Kinsey to discuss creating Bolinas Lagoon Watershed Council. The meeting will be held Monday, June 28th, 2004 at 7pm at the Stinson Beach Community Center. Director Amoroso volunteered to attend the meeting and report back to the Board.

Board members received a response letter from Bob Beaumont, Chief Assistant Director, Marin County Public Works that staff had written alerting the county to the serious erosion occurring on Terrace Avenue. Beaumont replied that the County doesn’t have the monies to finance repairs. Directors Bertsch, Smith and Siedman proposed that BCPUD continues its focus on exploring ways to preserve access for all properties served by Terrace Avenue. Director Smith underscored that repairs will be less costly if the erosion is mitigated now rather than waiting until Terrace Avenue falls and a complete rebuilding is required.

 Staff pointed out that BCPUD is re-routing water utilities, thereby preserving water service to Terrace Avenue customers should erosion destroy existing water lines. Staff also suggested maintaining focus on ensuring continued water and sewer service on lower Terrace Avenue.  

Staff submitted a draft of Bolinas Pipeline and requested feedback by June 25th, 2004.

4.    Community Expression

Andy Blake requested that committee reports be heard earlier in the Board Meetings.

Amoroso/Siedman   all in favor   to move the Drainage Committee report to item 8a in the current meeting.
Joyce Clements, representing the Agate Beach Neighborhood Association (ABA), objected to the county’s new plan to charge fees to use the Agate Beach parking lot. The ABA also objects to the impending installation of an “iron ranger” at Agate Beach to accept these fees. The ABA further stated that the county has not heard local input into changes at Agate Beach, such as installing trails on the eroding cliffs and the placement of large informational signage on the hillside. The ABA wants to be certain that the County hears local community input regarding these changes at Agate Beach. The ABA is concerned that drivers, wishing to avoid parking fees, will park in the surrounding neighborhood, thereby interfering with residential parking availability. Additionally, the ABA does not wish the neighborhood to undergo an atmosphere of ticketing and general parking enforcement activities.

Directors also received a letter from Don and Joan Lyon further objecting to parking fees at the Agate Beach Parking lot.

Director Amoroso/McClellan   all in favor   to put this item on the July 14th  2004 Board Meeting.

5.    Notice of Pending Resignation by Director Joan Bertsch/Announcement Concerning Appointment to Fill Board Vacancy.

Director Bertsch announced that she would be resigning from the Board effective September 1, 2004.

Directors Amoroso, McClellan, Siedman, Smith and Staff noted the invaluable service of Director Bertsch to the entire Bolinas Community.

Amoroso/McClellan   all in favor   to invite applicants for the Board vacancy by placing a notice in the Hearsay News and to place the action on the appointment on the August 18th, 2004 agenda.
6.    Parking and Traffic: Lower Terrace Avenue Issues: proposed minor changes to Wharf Road parking restrictions on Upper Terrace Avenue; general plan update.

Bolinas Fire Protection District (BFFD) Chief Anita Tyrrell-Brown stated that parking at the curb in front of the Bolinas Museum and Kaleidoscope should be signed parallel parking. Additionally, at least three spaces at the tennis court should also be signed parallel parking. Perpendicular parking in these areas causes obstructions and traffic bottlenecks that prevent emergency personnel from passing through the right of way. BFFD has received permission to stripe and sign these areas parallel parking. Tyrrell-Brown also stated that vehicles both stopping and parking also regularly block traffic on Terrace Avenue at “surfer overlook”.

Director Amoroso agreed that the museum/store and “surfer’s overlook” areas should be striped and signed right away.  He felt that the parking at the tennis court would be handled in the general parking planning currently underway.

Jason Nutt, Marin County Department of Public Works Traffic Engineer, stated the curb at the Museum and Kaleidoscope store could be signed right away. However, he advised that property owners on Terrace Avenue would need to be notified and community feedback gathered before signs and striping can be installed at “surfer overlook.” He noted this process would take at least three months to complete.  

Liza Crosse, Supervisor Steve Kinsey’s Aide, noted an important difference between “no standing” and “no parking” that should be considered in making parking decisions. For example, vehicles can legally “stand” in  “No Parking” zones in order to unload, sightsee or for any other purpose. However, where a zone is signed “No Standing,” it is illegal for vehicles to park or “stand.” “No standing” is the broader term that includes both parking and standing.
General comments supported “No Standing” signage because standing in many areas causes a traffic bottleneck and impedes the flow of traffic.  

Director Smith spoke on behalf of himself and his neighbors requesting that some parking on upper Terrace Avenue be allowed for the guests of residents on Ocean Avenue. Ken Masterton objected to adding parking on upper Terrace Avenue. He suggested that Ocean Avenue residents could clip back some curbside hedges in order to create parking directly on their street.   He further stated that the land near the proposed parking sites on Terrace Avenue is part of a protected butterfly zone. Matt Lewis stated he supports letting Ocean Avenue residents park on Terrace Avenue. He is often unable to park on Ocean Avenue service to his customers. Director Amoroso pointed out pull outs exist on Terrace Avenue for parking. Director McClellan objected to opening up any more parking on Terrace Avenue. Director Siedman agreed that some parking for Ocean Avenue residents should be allowed on Terrace Avenue. He cautioned that there is a tradition of abuse in this location such as long-term recreational vehicle storage which is not intended use for this area. Andy Blake mentioned the difference between parking for tourists and parking for local residents. He noted that an overall parking plan would take care of overall parking issues. Jason Nutt noted that he has received complaints about parking from Little Mesa residents.Director Bertsch suggested that Little Mesa parking issues not be included in this letter.

Amoroso/ Siedman  3 ayes  McClellan no,  Smith abstain   to write a letter asking the county to create parallel parking at the museum/store curb, to prevent parking on Lower Terrace and to open 200 feet of parking on Terrace Avenue, and to create “surfer overlook” No Standing.

7.    Expanded Water Use Permit: Gallagher, project location: 10 Mesa Road

Applicant proposes to restore a detached accessory structure. The sole plumbing fixture, a sink, will be removed.  

Amoroso/McClellan   all in favor  to approve an unconditional permit.

8.    Public Hearing: 2004-2005 District Budget

Staff reported adding $600.00 to the draft budget for work to comply with new auditing regulations and an additional two tenths of one percent to employee pay.
Staff also reported reducing the ad valorem tax by $75,000 to make up for the proposed tax shift and recommended raising the annual water charge to cover the loss of tax revenue.  

Amoroso/Siedman   all in favor   to distribute information to BCPUD customers regarding the possible changes to the budget.

8.a.  Committee Reports:  Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads

Andy Blake noted that Joan Bertsch’s participation on this committee was invaluable. Director Bertsch stated that she will continue to serve on this committee until her departure from Bolinas.

The Dogwood and Evergreen Roads projects are progressing. A bid to perform this work from Bill Campoy is expected soon.  Evergreen Road’s culvert will be replaced first and then Dogwood Road’s culvert will be replaced.  

Al Hettich, who’s property is adjacent to Evergreen, recommended that the if the culvert is lowered as a part of this project, downstream work should also be done to prevent ponding on his property.

A Neighborhood Walk will be held July 17,2004 at 10am to inspect Alder Creek from Agate Beach to Elm Road to determine where the creek is blocked and to gather community input regarding routine drainage maintenance.  

Director Bertsch suggested that neighbors along the creek be brought into this process.

The committee, with the Department of Public Works, will create a culvert and road maintenance schedule that will help ensure that county-owned roads and culverts are properly maintained.

9.    2004-2005 District/Employees Memorandum of Understanding

Staff advised that BCPUD employees would like a meeting with the personnel committee.
Item continued to July 14, 2004 board meeting.

10.   Mesa Park: Waste Water Reclamation Project: Resolution 502, adopting a negative declaration   
        of environmental impact.

The only comment received, since the Notice of Intention was published, was from the Department of Fish and Game informing BCPUD of the requirement to pay a fee when the Notice of Determination is filed.  

McClellan/Siedman   all in favor   to adopt Resolution 502.

11.  Terrace Avenue Pipeline Relocation Project: Resolution 503, designating general manager as    
        authorized representative to execute easement agreement and contract documents

Director Smith was concerned about the additional workload this item may cause and wondered if additional staff time might be needed. Staff replied that additional time would not be necessary.

McClellan/Siedman  all in favor  to adopt Resolution 503.

12.    Pine Gulch Creek Property (AP# 188-090-14): easement reformation

Director Bertsch reported a phone call she had with Michael Moritz noting two important results of the conversation. First, Mr. Moritz is interested in purchasing this property should it be put up for sale. Secondly, Mr. Moritz wishes a cooperative tone in reaching agreements with all involved parties.

Director McClellan reiterated that Mr. Moritz must grant BCPUD this easement. Director Bertsch suggested that Director Siedman speak to Mr. Moritz.  Director Siedman will call Mr. Moritz and report back on results. Director Smith pointed out that access should be preserved to appropriate agencies for the specific purpose of Pine Gulch Creek protection such as for fence and other repairs and that it not be open for general public access. Continued to next month.

13.    Coastal Permit Application: Moritz
Project location: 5675 Horseshoe Hill Road

Director McClellan suggested making the Item 12 easement a condition of granting the permit. Directors Siedman and Bertsch disagreed. Staff pointed out various letters raising issues about the project. Director Amoroso suggested this item not be commented upon at this time because of Item 12.
14.    Draft Policy Re: Hazardous Trees in BCPUD Rights-of-Way

Director McClellan presented the document Hazardous Trees in the BCPUD Rights-of-Way to be added to Ordinance Number 30. A brief discussion ensued regarding the language used to describe how tree removal will be funded and about making the administrative decision subject to Board review.

McClellan/Siedman   all in favor  to improve as amended.

15.    Marin Countywide Plan Update

Bobbi and David Kimball called to the Board’s attention to a letter they wrote supporting affordable housing and the concept of an urban village. They stated that the Silvera property development on the Highway 101 corridor in northern San Rafael continues to be a controversial issue.  

Following general discussion regarding the Bolinas Gridded Mesa Plan (BGMP), Bobby and David Kimball will draft a letter, to be issued on BCPUD letterhead, requesting that the (BGMP) be incorporated into the County Plan.

Amoroso/Siedman  all in favor  to send letter.

16.    Resolution 504, Establishing a Sister City Relationship with Town of San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico

McClellan/Amoroso  all in favor  to approve the resolution.

17.     Meter Transfer Extension Request: Smith/Mickelson
 Project location: 38 Ocean/191 Poplar

McClellan/Siedman  all in favor  to extend meter transfer for 2 years. Director Smith abstained.

18.    Coastal Commission Letter Re Seadrift Revetment

  The Board received the Costal Commission letter regarding the recent work. The letter notes the  
  extent of the work, and that the matter is being investigated, but indicates that there is no evidence of non-permitted work occurring. Director Smith commented that it was quite obvious to him at a distance of several hundred yards
19.    Meter Suspension Request: Amoroso 17 Brighton

McClellan/Smith to suspend meter     Director Amoroso abstained. 4 ayes.  

20.    Waste Management/Teamsters Labor Agreement Status Report

Director Smith is concerned about the treatment of Waste Management (WM) workers by WM managers and he has written a letter to them requesting a response to his concerns.

Staff pointed out a letter received from WM District Manager Rob Zakor concerning the labor dispute and indicating their willingness to negotiate with WM workers.

Director Amoroso suggested that Director Smith meet with WM managers to to pursue the issue and report back. The item will be placed on the agenda as needed based on the results of that meeting.

21.  Other Business

a.    Committee Reports

--ACWA JPIA Spring Conference Report

Nothing to report

--Alternative Energy:

BCPUD consultant Bob Gold has recommended installing the anemometer now located at Woodrat 2, on Woodrat 1 property. Staff will indicate that the work is approved for a not-to-exceed cost of $1000.00, and that the device should be erected on the knoll above the reservoir, subject to there being no problems with ownership or access.

--Downtown Parking and Traffic:

Director Amoroso reported that the committee had an encouraging meeting with Liza Crosse and Jason Nutt and that a written report of the results will become available soon.

--Finance:  2004-05 budget process

Nothing to report


Director Siedman will meet with Staff regarding Hadden Roth’s invoice for legal work.

--Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads:
    Moved to Item 8a


Nothing to report

--Park and Recreation:  

Director Siedman reported that 4th of July parking in Mesa Park will be increased to $10.00 per vehicle. The actual total number of parking spaces available will not be increased this year.


    Nothing to report

--Sewer:  Resource Recovery Project:
WM has paid all bills on time. Director Amoroso pointed out there has been increased work at the RRP due to Madelyn Sobel’s recent illness and that Mike Aitken has been filling in and should be compensated for his time. Staff pointed out that Madeline Sobel is back on the job and that since staffing at RRP is back to normal, no further substitute manpower will be needed.   All stated that Mike Aitken does a tremendous volunteer job managing the RRP.  

--Community Paths Group  

Director Smith and other members of the Community Paths Group met with Jason Nutt to review the path entryway to the Mesa/Olema-Bolinas Road intersection and receive Nutt’s feedback and expertise on creating its design. The Group will get cost estimates for the path’s creation and prepare a written package for community input. Due to the extensive time required to prepare this information, it is unlikely the matter will be taken to vote in the November 2004 election.

--Solid Waste:    

   Nothing to report

b.    Minutes of April 21, 2004 Meeting

Smith/Amoroso   all in favor   to approve the May 21, 2004 minutes

c.    Warrants

Siedman/Amoroso  all in favor   to approve the warrants

d.    Scheduling of Next Meeting  

July 14th, 2004

16.  Adjournment  -- 11:05pm