Bolinas Community Public Utilities District
A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors

July 18, 2007     7:30pm     270 Elm Road, Bolinas


1.    Call to Order

2.    Roll

3.    Manager’s Report
     -- Drainage Project Manager’s Report: Update on BCPUD’s Drainage Planning Process and Technical Analysis by Consulting Hydrogeologist Robert Gailey

4.    Community Expression

5.    Tomales Bay Watershed Council – Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan:  Receive Public Comments on Draft Plan.

6.    Request for Approval/Empire Waste Management: Sale of Company and Assignment of Franchise Agreement with the BCPUD for Solid Waste, Recycling and Green Waste Services in Bolinas to the North Bay Corporation.

7.    Osterweis Coastal Permit (CP 05-29 and CP 05-30) and Design Review (DR 05-57 and 05-58), APNs: 188-120-31 and 188-140-11, Pine Gulch Road, Bolinas

8.    Simac Ag Structure Coastal Permit and Design Review (CP 06-32 & DC 06-143) Fern Road, Bolinas (no assigned address), APN 193-111-15.

9.    Discuss Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District’s Request to Use Agnique to Control Adult Mosquitoes at the BCPUD’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.

10.    Amendments to Ordinance 30:  (1) Establishing Criteria for BCPUD Participation in the Financing of Road Improvements and Other Projects in the Gridded Mesa’s Public Rights-of-Way; (2) Approving Form of  BCPUD Letter to be Issued to Property Owners Regarding Obstructions and/or Encroachments in the Public Rights-of-Way on the Gridded Mesa.

11.    2007-08 Budget Adoption:  Resolution No. 549 approving budget;  Resolution No. 550 stating current rates and charges and authorizing placement of charges on Marin County property tax bill.

12.    Resolution 551:  Establishing Criteria for Appeals by District Customers for Relief on Quarterly Metered Water Delivery Charges in the Event of a Leak.

13.    Resolution 552:  Authorizing the BCPUD to Shut-Off Water in the Event of A Water Emergency.

14.    Volunteer Committee Reports
-- Alternative Energy:  Update on Solar Installation Project
-- Beach: 
-- Bolinas Community Plan Review Committee:
-- Bolinas Lagoon Technical Advisory Committee:
-- Community Paths Group: 
-- Downtown Parking and Traffic: 
-- Resource Recovery: Receive Minutes of March and June Committee Meetings; Receive June Financial Report
-- Terrace Avenue/Alternative Access Road Committee:
-- West Nile Virus Task Force/West Marin Mosquito Control Coordinating Council: 

15.    Other Business
a.  Board Committee Reports
-- Finance: 
-- Legal: 
-- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads: 
-- Operations: 
-- Park and Recreation:  Update on Committee Appointment Status
-- Personnel: 
-- Sewer:   
b.  Minutes of the June 20, 2007 Regular Meeting
c.  Warrants
d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)