Bolinas Community Public Utility District
A Special Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
September 13, 2011     270 Elm Road, Bolinas


1.  Call to Order

    11:10 a.m.

2.  Roll

    Directors Amoroso, Kimball, Siedman and Smith present; director Bender absent.  Director  Siedman presiding.

3.    Approve Stockpiling of Asphalt-Grindings at Mesa Park parking lot.

    Ellen Garber, the district’s outside counsel, briefed the Board on the regulatory considerations applicable to the storage and re-use of asphalt-concrete grindings.  As a result of these regulatory considerations, if the district approves the stockpiling of these grindings at the Mesa Park parking lot, two categories of decisions need to be made  (1) the precautions to be taken at the stockpile site (i.e., tarps, wattles, etc. to control erosion and dust; and (2)  the conditions under which the grindings can be re-used on the public rights-of-way.  She noted that available guidance from the Regional Water Quality Control Board (“RWQCB”) indicates that the grindings should be tested for toxicity per a specific methodology before they can be accepted at the stockpile site and/or re-used on the public rights-of-way as road base, unless it is guaranteed that the materials will be encapsulated under a road surface that is relatively impervious to infiltration and are placed at least five feet about seasonally high groundwater.  In addition, materials such as these grindings typically must be placed on a barrier surface, covered and surrounded by waddles to prevent erosion while stockpiled.  Discussion ensued about the storage protocol, testing process and time needed, how the grindings would be re-used, potential geographic limitations on the re-use of the grindings (i.e., not near any streambeds), the possibility of requesting the contractor to pothole and test representative samples of the asphalt before the grinding and repaving process actually occurs, and so forth.  Ellen Garber advised that the district engage an environmental consultant to develop and oversee a testing and materials management protocol. 

The Board ultimately directed staff to inform the contractor offering the grindings that the grindings must be sampled and tested at the contractor’s expense and the test results must satisfy the RWQCB specifications before the district can approve them to be stockpiled at the site.  Alternatively, if the grindings can not be sampled and tested before the contractor brings them to the site, the contractor must agree to remove the grindings from the site at the contractor’s sole expense if the test results ultimately do not satisfy the RWQCB specifications.  If neither of these alternatives is acceptable to the contractor, the district will not accept the grindings.  Staff was further directed to confer with an environmental consultant for guidance on the testing protocol and storage requirements.

4.    Community Expression


5.    Adjournment

    12:10 p.m.