Bolinas Community Public Utility District
 A Regular  Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors

 September 15, 2004      270 Elm Road, Bolinas

1.  Call to Order:  8:00 pm

2.  Roll

Directors Amoroso, McClellan, Siedman, Smith present

3.  Manager’s Report

Board members received a letter from William J. Carmen, Ph.D., project manager, Bolinas Lagoon Restoration Project. The project’s scope includes a 50-year projection of the hydrological and ecological evolution of the lagoon and will describe how various actions and non-actions may effect general lagoon management.

Board members received a letter from Bob and Joan Finnegan complimenting BCPUD’s personnel on their professionalism in handling a major leak in downtown Bolinas.

Staff reported that the recent hot weather has resulted in critically low water reserves. Customers were asked for a 15% reduction in water usage. Customers complied with this request immediately. Whereas the reserve water depth had been 9-10 feet, it rose to two feet within 24 hours of the shortage alert. BCPUD will leave the conservation request in force until the reserves reach 17 feet.

Board members received a notice of hazardous tree conditions in the central Overlook Dr. area with a petition from residents asking that the trees be trimmed. Director McClellan observed that the trees in question are on private property, not in district-owned rights of way. Director Amoroso suggested the letter be forward to County. Staff noted a general survey of all hazardous tree conditions is underway and mitigation work will be completed in order of priority, budget permitting. The community and BCPUD crew will continue giving feedback on the locations of hazardous trees.

Staff reported that 9 windows in the BCPUD building were shattered during a Labor Day weekend vandalism incident.

Staff received a draft copy of the BCPUD Pipeline and requested feedback and article ideas by September 22nd, 2004.

Manager Phil Buchanan will be on vacation October 5th, 2004 to through October 8th, 2004.

4.  Community Expression

Matt Lewis reported that members of the Briones Lions will be going door to door to educate Bolinas residents about West Nile Virus.

Cela O’Connor presented a document, Statewide Interpretive Guidelines, concerning the types of recreational activities allowed within the California Coastal Zone. The document and additional information regarding the legal use of the Brighton Beach will be forwarded to the Beach Committee.

 5.  Election of Board of Directors to Complete Term Expiring November 30, 2005

Matt Lewis withdrew his candidacy for the Board.

Joel Braverman, Bobbi Kimball and Jim Sequeira are the current candidates.

A show-of-hands vote was taken resulting in Bobbi Kimball’s election to the Board by 4-0.

Directors McClellan and Smith thanked the candidates for their participation noting their highly qualified backgrounds and the difficulty of picking one person from such a high-caliber group of contenders.

6.    Election of Board of Directors Vice President; Committee Assignments

The following are the results of the election of the Board Vice President and the changes to Committee Assignments:  Vice President: Vic Amoroso.  Finance: Bobbi Kimball.  Mesa, Septic, Flood Control and Roads: Don Smith; Alternate: Bobbi Kimball. Personnel: Bobbi Kimball.

7.     Expanded Water Use Permit Application: Bolinas Community Land Trust (BCLT).
Project Location: 6 Wharf Road

The applicant proposes to convert the former garage to a mixed-use affordable housing project.

McClellan/Amoroso   all in favor    to approve a conditional Expanded Water Use Permit with the stipulation that the BCLT retain one of its water meters for two years after the date of achieving full occupancy to be deployed for the project should water use exceed the permitted allotment during that period.

Matt Lewis noted that this project provides living units but eliminates commerical services space, specifically an auto repair garage.

Director Amoroso expressed similar concerns and suggested that Mr. Lewis’s take these issues to the BCLT for their consideration.

8.    Expanded Water Use Permit Application: Cirincione-Coles Project Location: 71
Nymph Road

The applicants are remodeling an existing single-family dwelling.

McClellan/Smith   all in favor     to approve an unconditional Expanded Water Use Permit.

9.    Formation of Ad Hoc Beach Committee

Applicants for the committee are: Magi Barror, Bruce Bowser, Joel Braverman, Baraca Broek, Lou and Jeffrey Commons, John Glavis, Mary Patterson, Jesse McCullum, Susannah Mills and Rick Sherman

Amoroso/Smith    all in favor     to appoint all applicants to the committee

10.    Pine Gulch Creek Property: appraisal proposal

Amoroso/Smith    all in favor    to approve the Norman Orr proposal to appraise the Pine Gulch Creek Property, not to exceed $6,000.00, and subject to the understanding that it be appraised as if the parcel is accessible and viable for development as a single family residence. The appraisal engagement letter will be amended before singing to strike restrictions on the District’s use of the final report.

11.    Andrew Blake Letter Regarding Location of Committee Reports on Agenda

Smith/McClellan   4 in favor   Amoroso no     to put reports from BCPUD committees comprised of community volunteers at number five on future agendas.

12.    Resolution 510, approving actions taken by district manager to ensure that all BCPUD fees and charges comply with the restrictions and rate calculation requirements of Proposition 218

McClellan/Amoroso   all in favor    to adopt Resolution 510

13.    Resolution 511, supporting Proposition 1A on November, 2004 ballot, preventing state for taking further local government revenues  

McClellan/Amoroso   all in favor    to adopt Resolution 511

14.    Resolution 512, supporting a November, 2004 ballot initiative to ban the cultivation of genetically modified organisms in Marin County

Kimball/Amoroso   all in favor    to adopt Resolution 512

15.    BCPUD Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: discussion concerning desired level of detail

Board members wish for succinct minutes stating votes and major points. The recordings of the meetings are available for details. Should a director wish for detail, he or she will request it on a case-by-case basis.

16.    Roads: maintenance/repair permit application: Poplar between Evergreen/Iris plus
Fern near Poplar; agreement between County of Marin and BCPUD-Mesa surveying services.

McClellan/Kimball   4 in favor   Smith abstaining    to approve maintenance/repair permit.

17.    Marin Countywide Plan Update

Bobbi Kimball will attend a September 28th, 2004 meeting to give testimony.

18.    2004-05 District/Employees Memorandum of Understanding

McClellan/Amoroso   all in favor   to approve the 2004-05 agreement.

19.    Other Business

Committee Reports

--Alternative Energy: Bobbi Kimball is joining this committee

--Downtown Parking and Traffic: Directors received copies of the draft parking plan. The plan will be presented to County on October 4, 2004

--Finance:  2004-05 budget process.  The recently completed financial audit of BCPUD may be available for the October, 2004 meeting

--Legal: A search is underway for a new BCPUD attorney. Hadden Roth’s August, 2004 bill will be paid.

--Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads: Director Smith stated there is no liability for the channeling upstream surface water into the existing watercourse per California Supreme Court ruling.

--Operations: nothing to report

--Park and Recreation:  Director Siedman reported the County is approving the skate park.

--Personnel: nothing to report

--Sewer:  Resource Recovery Project; The Board received the August financial report for Resource Recovery.

--Community Paths Group: nothing to report
--Solid Waste:  Directors noted Solid Waste should be deleted from the list of committees since it does not exist.

b.  Minutes of April 21, 2004 Meeting: Continued
c.  Warrants: Amoroso/Smith    all in favor     to approve 
d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s): October 20th, 2004

16.  Adjournment  11:30pm