Bolinas Community Public Utilities District
A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors

September 20, 2006     8:00 p.m.      270 Elm Road, Bolinas


1.    Call to Order

2.    Roll

3.    Manager’s Report
      -- Drainage Project Manager’s Report

4.    Community Expression

5.    Volunteer Committee Reports
-- Alternative Energy:
-- Beach: 
-- Bolinas Community Plan Review Committee:
-- Bolinas Lagoon Technical Advisory Committee:  Update by BCPUD representative
-- Community Paths Group:  Update on Status of Coastal Permit Application; Discuss proposed plan and budget for inspection and maintenance of path
-- Downtown Parking and Traffic: 
-- Resource Recovery:  Receive August Financial Report; Receive June and July minutes
-- Terrace Avenue/Alternative Access Road Committee:
-- West Nile Virus Task Force/West Marin Mosquito Control Coordinating Council:
6.    Discuss Need to Increase Water Consumption Awareness; Request for BCPUD to Support October 15th Ceremony for the Expression of Gratitude to the Arroyo Honda Watershed (Lea Earnheart)

7.    Request to Remove Hazardous Trees:  Gertrude/Young, 365 Dogwood Road.

8.    Request to Remove Hazardous Trees:  Hollander/Bryant, west side of Cedar between Poplar and Mesa Roads.

9.    Application to Improve the BCPUD Right-of-Way on Alder Road between Overlook and Cedar Roads (Alder Road Group):  proposed ditching along both sides of Alder Road and installation of four culverts under BCPUD rights-of-way on Alder, Aspen and Birch Roads.

10.    Application to Improve the BCPUD Right-of-Way on Larch Road between Fern and Grove Roads (Porter/Willig):  proposed ditching along south side of Larch Road and installation of two culverts under Larch Road and one culvert under a driveway.

11.    Pesticide Resolution and Ordinance Proposals: Discussion of Structure and Scope.

12.    Update on Tomales Bay Watershed Council progress on Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan

13.    Other Business

a.  Board Committee Reports
-- Finance:  Receive 4th Quarter (Year-End) Financial Report
-- Legal: 
-- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads:
-- Operations:
-- Park and Recreation: 
-- Personnel:
-- Sewer:   
b.  Minutes of August 16, 2006 Regular Meeting
c.  Warrants
d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)