Bolinas Community Public Utilities District
A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors

September 21, 2011   7:30pm    270 Elm Road, Bolinas


1.   Call to Order.

2.   Roll

3.   Manager’s Report.

-- Update on the Terrace Avenue Bluff Stabilization Project
--    Update on Terrace Avenue Water Main Relocation Project
-- Update on the BCPUD Office Building Accessibility Improvement Project (see Item 11, below)
-- Update on Evergreen Road Improvement Project
-- Update on the Bolinas Fire Fuel Reduction Project (BCPUD Sewer Pond Property)
-- Update on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Pump Station and Electrical Upgrade Project
-- Drainage Project Manager’s Report.

4.   Community Expression.

5.   Request for Financial Relief from Quarterly Water Bill pursuant to BCPUD Resolution 553 – 4 Park Avenue (Saint Aidan’s Episcopal Mission).

6.   Offer by Bolinas Beach Preservation LLC (Jeremy Kidson) to Donate Real Property to the BCPUD.

7.   Approve Stockpiling of Asphalt-Grindings at Mesa Park parking lot.

8.     Proposed Resolution Establishing Procedures for Suspension and Reinstatement of Water Service.

9.    Proposed Revisions to Ordinance 30.

10.  Update on Mesa Park Ballfield Irrigation Project.

11.  Resolution 605:  Accepting Completion of the BCPUD Office Building Accessibility Improvement Project.

12.    U.S. Department of Transportation Notice re: Air Tour Management Plan Development at Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and Point Reyes National Seashore

13.  Volunteer Committee Reports
-- Alternative Energy:
-- Bolinas Lagoon Technical Advisory Committee:
-- Community Path Update:
-- Downtown Parking & Traffic Committee: 
-- Resource Recovery:  Discuss Possible Forgiveness of Outstanding Loan from the BCPUD for Hazardous Tree Removal.
-- West Nile Virus Task Force/West Marin Mosquito Control Coordinating Council:

14.     Other Business
a.  Board Committee Reports
-- Finance: 
-- Legal: 
-- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads: 
-- Operations: 
-- Park and Recreation: 
-- Personnel: 
-- Sewer:   
b. Minutes of the August 17, 2011 Regular Meeting
c. Warrants
d. Scheduling of Next Meeting(s) 

15.  Adjournment.