Bolinas Community Public Utility District
A Special Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
October 3, 2012           270 Elm Road, Bolinas


1.   Call to Order.

    10:00 a.m.

2.   Roll

    Directors Amoroso, Kimball, Siedman and Smith present; director Bender absent.  Director Siedman presiding.

3.   Community Expression.

    Elia Haworth was present to inquire whether she is legally entitled to park her car in the BCPUD rights-of-way, even if she is parked in the right-of-way adjacent to a neighbor’s property.  Director Siedman said that as long as she is certain that she is in the public right-of-way, and not on private property, she is entitled to park there.  Elia mentioned that the same neighbor has placed piles of brush in the right-of-way and that she is working with the Bolinas Fire Protection District in an effort to resolve that matter.

4.   Bidder’s Request to Withdraw Bid – Wildcat Engineering, Inc.

    The Board considered a written request by Wildcat Engineering to withdraw the bid it submitted for the Terrace Avenue Water Main Relocation Project due to a mathematical error in the bid preparation. 

V. Amoroso/B. Kimball        four in favor; Bender absent        to approval the request by Wildcat Engineering to withdraw its bid.

5.   Review and Consideration of Bids  –  Terrace Avenue Water Main Relocation Project.

    Staff presented the two remaining bids from W.R. Forde Associates ($362,998) and Team Ghilotti, Inc. ($365,821).  Staff noted that both bids are much higher than the engineer’s estimate of $254,000 for this project, but this is the second time the project has been put out to bid and it does not seem likely that the project can be installed for a price at or near the engineer’s estimate.  Staff advised the Board that the loan from the California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”) for $365,000 will not be sufficient to cover the cost of the project, which now total approximately $460,000.  Accordingly, the district must either seek additional loan funding, which may be time-consuming, or finance the differential from the district’s reserves. 

Director Kimball suggested that the Board accept the bid from W. R. Forde Associates as the lowest responsible bidder and start the project as soon as possible while concurrently seeking additional loan funding; if the CDPH does not approve additional loan funding, she stated that the district should pay the additional costs out of its reserve funds. 

6.    Resolution 618:  Approving Form of Contract Documents for the Terrace Avenue Water Main Relocation Project and Awarding a Contract for the Project to the Lowest Responsible Qualified Bidder, Subject to Certain Conditions.

B. Kimball/V. Amoroso        four in favor, director Bender absent        to approve Resolution 618 and award the contract to W. R. Forde Associates.

B. Kimball/V. Amoroso        four in favor, director Bender absent        directing staff to notify CDPH that the district has awarded the contract to W. R. Forde Associates and request additional loan funding as long as the project can proceed without delay while the district’s request is processed.

7.   Temporary Hire of Personnel and Rental of Construction Equipment.

    Staff reported that the Chief Operator would like to hire a temporary equipment operator and rent a specialized backhoe to facilitate the installation of several projects prior to the rainy season at a cost not to exceed $10,000.  As this amount was not budgeted for the FY 2012-2013, director Kimball requested that staff identify the source of funds for the hire/rental from among the district’s reserve funds at the next regular meeting of the Board.

B. Kimball/D. Smith        four in favor, director Bender absent        approving the hire of personnel and rental of construction equipment, subject to the staff’s identification of the source of  funds for the hire/rental at the next regular meeting of the Board.

8.   Adjournment.

    10:30 a.m.