Octobern 20, 2004  Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Bolinas Community Public Utility District
A Regular  Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
October 20, 2004  270 Elm Road, Bolinas

1.  Call to Order  8:02 pm

2.    Roll    
Directors Amoroso, McClellan, Siedman, Smith, Kimball present

3. Manager’s Report

Staff presented a proposal from the Oakanders to finish tree removal work in the lower northeast corner of the spray irrigation area not to exceed $8,000.

Amoroso/McClellan     all in favor    to accept proposal.

Staff noted the Terrace Avenue Pipeline Replacement Project was completed the week of October 11, 2004. Weather permitting; paving in the area will be done on Friday, October 22nd, 2004.

The Board received a printed update from ACWA concerning the California Performance Review Commission.

  The Board received copies of the October 11, 2004 Steve Kinsey letter updating the community on the Bolinas Lagoon Restoration Project.

The Board received copies of the ACWA State Budget Advisory noting that the impact of the tax shift to Enterprise Districts may be higher than originally expected.

Staff presented an estimate for paving the parking lot at 270 Elm, the BCPUD building. Paving was noted at a previous Board meeting as one way to curtail broken windows resulting when the lot is used by unauthorized persons as a practice area for race-driving maneuvers.

4. Community Expression

Cela O’ Conner presented copies of an Air France magazine article touting Bolinas as a travel destination. She will also send the article to the Beach Committee so that it can be recorded in their data-gathering work.

5.  Volunteer Committee Reports

--Alternative Energy:  wind data analysis proposal. 

The committee is considering installing a second anemometer for comparing data to determine the best location for a possible wind-generation project.

Kimball/Amoroso    all in favor     to hire a consultant to analyze the wind data BCPUD has collected over the past two years.

-- Beach:  initial report; request for legal opinion on camping; 9 Offers-To-Dedicate
    public access easements (1990 Shoreline Protection Project)

Magi Barror noted the Bolinas Rod and Boat Club now has a representative on the Beach Committee. The committee is currently gathering data about Brighton Beach to determine the nature and extent of the issues. Any observations and experiences should be directed to the Beach Committee. The Board provided guidance to the committee regarding the appropriate way to add new members and delete members who have not attended meetings with respect to their voting rights as members of the committee. New members should apply to BCPUD for appointment.

Director Amoroso suggested representatives from the Beach Committee attend the downtown parking town hall meeting on October 26th since the committees share many of the same issues.

Director Amoroso noted that the agenda also included a request for a legal opinion regarding camping on the beach. Magi Barror responded that it was premature to request a legal opinion until the committee has had more time to work on the issue. No one expressed a dissenting opinion.

  Staff will update Coastal Access Manager Linda Locklin that the Board will wait until the committee is further along in its work to consider accepting the offers to dedicate.

-- Community Paths Group:  California Environmental Quality Act:  consideration of issuing Notice of Availability of Initial Study and Notice of Intent to Adopt Negative Declaration

Director McClellan pointed out that the path construction might be exempt from CEQA.

Director Amoroso offered his resignation from the Paths Committee so meetings will no longer require public notice as Board meetings since there will no longer be three members of the BCPUD board on the committee.

The Paths Committee will continue working and will come back to the Board when their action is needed.

--Downtown Parking and Traffic:  presentation of plan and schedule

John Norton provided the draft-parking plan. October 26th, 2004 at 7:30 pm a town hall meeting is planned to gather feedback about the plan. The plan controls downtown parking in an efficient manner that allows better access to downtown services and recreation and creates additional handicapped parking.

Director Amoroso said that this draft parking plan can be considered a first phase of a continuing effort that will eventually address additional downtown vehicle traffic issues.

Audience members posed questions to the committee ranging from whether any parking will be allowed on Terrace to how the plan will be enforced.

Amoroso/Smith    all in favor    to reimburse the committee for the cost of printing and mailing the draft plan out to all Bolinas Postal Patrons and for the cost of the Community Center rental for the related town hall meeting.

Director Amoroso noted that the plan’s detailed brochure was developed by Steve Matson and Leo Kostelic and audience members applauded the excellent work of everyone on the committee.

-- Mesa Drainage:  proposed drainage improvements / culvert replacements on Overlook Dr; agreement for Mesa survey work with County of Marin DPW; update on pilot drainage  project; recommendation for purchase of two culverts for installation at Fern and Grove on Poplar; procedure for committee review of road maintenance permit applications

Joan Bertsch apologized about a letter that went out to Overlook residents prematurely.     She noted the committee will seek Board approval on all recommendations.

Vic Amoroso pointed out that the letter was based on an emailed summary report from the committee chairperson. The report was forwarded to residents by BCPUD as a notification, because if the schedule cited in the report materialized, there would have been no other opportunities for notification

Andy Blake noted that the County will work on Bolinas roads in accordance with the Todd Plan.  He noted there are culverts that have been privately funded and installed in the right of way. Who will pay for future repairs and improvements of this work should be determined by the Board.

Several audience members thanked the committee for their excellent work. They specifically noted that because of the committee’s donated labor, equipment and expertise, the work of draining the mesa is within the reach of many residents who otherwise could not afford to pay the full price of the work.

Finian Stevens stated he didn’t receive any notice about drainage to be done in the right of way at his home.

Matt Lewis noted that the area near Stevens’ home is a critical part of the overall Todd drainage plan because the culvert at Opal and Kale at Alder collects run-off from most of the Mesa before it flows into Alder Creek. Stevens and Lewis and the drainage committee will work together to implement a solution at this location.

Director Smith noted that everyone involved in a drainage project should be careful to communicate both clearly and often. 

Andy Blake noted the pilot project at Evergreen and asked the Board if a temporary culvert could be installed at this location by either the BCPUD crew or a contractor

McClellan/Smith     all in favor   to install an emergency culvert and to allow staff to either direct the BCPUD crew to do it or to hire it done. Pilot Project funds will pay for the project.

Andy Blake suggested that unspent drainage funds carry over from year to year.
Director Siedman suggested the finance committee take a look at this suggestion.

Andy Blake pointed out the drainage committee’s mandate is to implement the Todd Plan and requested that the Board vote to implement it.

Director Amoroso noted that in some cases the Todd Plan has been incorrect. He further noted that a civil engineer should review the Todd Plan.

Andy Blake responded that a local civil engineer, Bonnie Jones, has reviewed and approved the plan.
Director McClellan noted that BCPUD already has a roads ordinance that requires that work within the rights of way be consistent with the specifications of the Todd Plan.

McClellan/ Smith    4 in favor    Amoroso no   to declare that drainage policy is as indicated in the existing roads ordinance which uses the Todd Engineering Plan as the guiding document in making drainage improvements.

Andy Blake requested that all road and drainage permit applicants be first reviewed by the drainage committee and recommendations about each application will then be made to the Board for their consideration.

McClellan/Kimball    all in favor     that permits be reviewed first by the drainage committee. The committee will make its recommendations about approval to the Board in a timely manner.
Smith/McClellan   all in favor   to amend the survey contract to pay for all work as the County bills us and to take it out of reserves if it exceeds the budget, subject to Board approval.

McClellan/Kimball   4 in favor   Smith abstaining   to approve purchase and installation of two culverts at Fern/Poplar and Grove/Poplar using money budgeted for the pilot drainage project. The Road Maintenance Permit Form will be modified to indicate that, in cases where BCPUD has funds available, culverts through intersections involved in future drainage improvement projects will be installed at BCPUD’s expense, if such installations are necessary to make a neighborhood project functional. 

--Resource Recovery: financial report; tractor purchase proposal

Mike Aitken has located a used tractor in good shape and wishes to purchase it for RRP and BCPUD’s use.

Amoroso/Smith    all in favor   to lend the RRP project $23,000 at the prevailing interest rate and to be repaid in 24 months, to purchase a used tractor that will be used both by RRP and BCPUD.

-- West Nile Virus Task Force:  update from BCPUD Representative Stacey Henderson;
    discussion of ballot measure to approve Northwest Mosquito, Vector, & Disease Control Assessment (annexation to Marin Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control District)

  Stacey Henderson reported that dead birds were found in Inverness and in downtown Bolinas. She requested that citizens continue to report dead birds and encouraged voting for annexation to the Mosquito District.

Vic Amoroso noted the ballot was not a secret ballot and that it allowed only one vote per household. Therefore, if household members disagreed about how to vote on the matter, one household member’s vote could cancel the other household member’s vote.

6.    Measure A -- Marin Traffic Relief and Better Transportation Act:  request for Board of Directors endorsement

Roger Kovach requested BCPUD’s endorsement for Measure A which would allow for more West Marin Stagecoach service. A failure to pass the Measure A, would have resulted in a loss of Stagecoach.

McClellan/Smith    all in favor    to write a letter of support for Measure A.

7.    Request for Meter Installation:  McDaniel.  150 Horseshoe Hill Road

Amoroso/McClellan   all in favor    to approve application, contingent upon payment for a new water line.

8.    Discussion Re Terrace Avenue Seawall at “Surfers’ Overlook”

Director Smith offered his report with a picture noting Terrace Avenue is falling out at the “surfer’s overlook” area. Director Amoroso suggested Don’s letter and photo be sent to the county. Director Siedman noted the importance of keeping the county on notice about this area of Terrace. Staff noted the fire department has also noticed the county regarding the issue.

9.    Coastal Permit Application 04-12 (revised):  Salwen.  216 Ocean Parkway

The Board had no further comment, beyond noting that action on the Expanded Water Use Permit is pending.

10.     Mesa Park:  Youth Soccer Recreation Development Program; RZH Act Grant

Smith/Kimball   all in favor    to approve resolutions designating an authorized representative to apply for grants and to execute contracts at no expense to BCPUD. Staff will model the resolutions on the earlier approvals.

11.     Pine Gulch Creek property:  update on appraisal process

Cela O’Connor escorted appraiser Norman Orr to the property and Orr’s appraisal is underway. While on the property, O’Connor noted non-permitted work occurring on the BCPUD property and she provided a copy of the letter she wrote to the County noting the violations.

12.  Other Business:    Board Committee Reports

--Finance:  1st quarter financial report  The Board received a copy of the current financial report noting that expenditures are tracking at 23% of the budgeted funds. Staff noted that the first installment of property tax revenue and fees and charges placed on the tax bill by BCPUD will be deposited to district accounts the third week in December.

--Legal: Director Amoroso suggested the search for a new attorney for future needs should be ongoing.

--Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads: nothing to report

--Operations: nothing to report

-- Park and Recreation: The DHS bill for review of the water reclamation project will be sent to Mesa Park.
 -- Personnel:  consideration of procedure for appointment to permanent employment position (administrative assistant).  Board will meet in closed session on November 17th to consider appointment

--Sewer: nothing to report  

b.  Minutes of August 18, 2004 Meeting   Smith/McClellan to approve   4 in favor, Kimball abstained 
c.  Minutes of September 15, 2004 Meeting  Amoroso/Smith   all in favor to approve minutes as amended.
d.  Warrants  Amoroso/Smith   all in favor  to approve the warrants
e.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)   November 17th, 2004  7 pm closed session, 7:30 pm regular meeting.

13.  Adjournment  12: 12 am