Bolinas Community Public Utility District
A Regular  Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
November 15, 2000      270 Elm Road, Bolinas


1.  Call to Order

8:00 p.m.

2.  Roll

Directors Amoroso, Bertsch, Kayfetz, Siedman present. Director McClellan absent.
Director Amoroso presiding.

There were no objections to Director Amoroso’s suggestion to move Item 9 forward to follow Item 6, since Director Kayfetz would be leaving early.

3.  Manager’s Report

A recent meeting with the staff of the Children’s Center to discuss some maintenance issues and improvements to the BCPUD building has indicated a need to resurrect the Building Committee. Directors Bertsch and Siedman will serve on the committee. In addition, it is time to revive and revise a formal lease with the Children’s Center.

Wastewater Treatment Operator, Kate Currey, was involved in a vehicle accident on October 20, resulting in a whiplash injury. BCPUD’s insurance carrier, the ACWA-JPIA is responding to the situation.

The interior coating and remedial welding of the west water storage tank have been completed and the exterior finish is now being applied.

The deadline for the formal bid process for the cathodic protection of the east storage tank is December 14, 2000, allowing a contract to be awarded at the December meeting, if necessary.

Directors received material from Shelagh Peters to Bay TRACON regarding airplane flight paths over Bolinas. Manager Buchanan noted that she was proposing an alternative holding pattern over the ocean.

A meeting of the full staff and Directors Amoroso and Bertsch with Oswald Engineering Associates Bailey Green and Trig Lundquist to discuss operation and maintenance of the sewer facility proved educational and reassuring. The sludge situation is not as urgent as previously thought.

Director Kayfetz requested approval to set up a test program at the sewage treatment facility for a water purification device that he and a partner, Mike Verrier, hold a patent on. The pump and unit would be set up next to Pond 2 for two months to treat, measure, and return water from the pond. There would be no cost to BCPUD and a unit would be given to BCPUD and to Mesa Park, at the end of the test. There were no objections to Kayfetz’ request.

4.  Community Expression

Marin County Community Development Agency submitted a request for comment on the revised Coastal Permit Application for the Ekedahl property at 42 Terrace Avenue, which includes a geotechnical report on the site from SalemHowes Associates, Inc. The request arrived after the agenda for the November meeting had been set and the deadline for comment falls before the December meeting.

--  Kayfetz/ Siedman      four ayes, McClellan absent      to place the item on the agenda as an urgent item

Director Kayfetz indicated that if SalemHowes is willing to stand behind its finding that the likelihood of earthquake activity on the site is improbable and that cliff erosion is contained adequately by the seawall, then the only comments remaining would be to reiterate concerns about the bulk and size of the proposed building and the additional traffic hazard on a dangerous curve. Director Amoroso added that a request for indemnification of BCPUD by the Ekedahls for any loss of District facilities should be included. Kayfetz included indemnification for loss of service to customers.

--  Kayfetz/Bertsch     four ayes, McClellan absent       to direct staff to send a comment letter including all the above points.

Ilka Hartmann announced that anyone needing transportation to the free Community Thanksgiving should call her.

5.  Point Reyes National Seashore Ad Hoc Committee Appointments

--  Kayfetz/Siedman     four ayes, McClellan absent      to appoint the two additional applicants, Kathy Bustamente and Geoff Geupel to the committee.

6.  Rancho Baulines (Wilkins Ranch) discussion with Point Reyes National Seashore Superintendent Don Neubacher

Don Neubacher introduced several members of the 18-person Citizens Advisory Commission, appointed by the Secretary of the Interior to advise the Point Reyes National Seashore and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
He noted that he appreciated the input and support the PRNS  has received from Bolinas on the aircraft overflight situation.
He stated that the PRNS wants to be engaged with the community and apologized if the perception was otherwise. His recent meetings with several residents and the recently formed Ad Hoc Committee are already proving beneficial. He also apologized if any information requested by BCPUD had not been sent and asked to be notified of such occurrences in the future.

Neubacher outlined the present Park process concerning Rancho Baulines, known as the Wilkins Ranch to the Park. The 1,400 acre ranch has been leased for the last twenty years. The previous permit expired in 1999 and Mary Tiscornia, the current tenant, has been given a two year extension while the Park Service develops plans for alternative uses for the ranch, designed to better meet the Park mission of providing public access to parklands. In Neubacher’s view the goal of public access could not be as easily achieved by leasing to a private individual as by a non-profit agency and the court has determined that Tiscornia is entitled to no special privilege as a continuing tenant.  The first stage of the scoping process is underway, with a November 30, 2000 deadline for comment on any preliminary proposals. Scoping involves submitting an idea, or ideas, to the public for feedback, then drafting alternatives, which go back to the public for more comment. Final refinements then take place. The entire process takes about nine months.

In keeping with the 1980s General Management Plan Update the current proposal would be a facility dedicated to research and education, not a visitor center. There would be no visible changes to the buildings. Visitors would be on a reservation group system only, not drop-in. Parking would be provided for only 15-20 cars and there would be minimal signage. Although a primary interest is to help Point Reyes Bird Observatory to stay in the area no commitment has been made to lease the property to them. Any agreement with future tenants would limit public access so that it couldn’t expand over time. In the interim period between the end of the current lease and the end of the scoping process substantial repairs would be made to the building.

In response to questions from the public and directors, Neubacher stated that: other ranches were not affected in the same way because they were occupied by original owners; the boarded up house on Olema-Bolinas Road was home to a potentially endangered species of bat; and that the house in Dogtown that had been recently reclaimed by the Park is scheduled to be repaired this year and used for housing. Director Kayfetz relayed some of the concerns of the Bolinas Fire District regarding increased demands on its services and asked about the proposed exhibits, signs, restrooms and parking lot. Neubacher replied that the Park is open to ideas. Kayfetz also asked for an assurance of continuity in the lease. Other concerns raised included the degree of improved educational services contrasted with Tiscornia’s record, why Tiscornia’s proposal to the Park has received no public airing, the Park Service’s history of unfulfilled promises, the ability of the Park to pay for the upkeep of the property, and the deterioration in general of the experience of nature in the Parks due to increased usage.

--  Kayfetz/Siedman     four ayes, McClellan absent       to write to the Park Service, with copies to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, U.S Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and House of  Representatives member Woolsey, reporting on this public hearing and stating that it is BCPUD’s belief that there is a consensus that the community would like to see the letter and spirit of the 1978 House committee report that expanded the park be honored by having this process, that affects Rancho Baulines, not be done in isolation but in the context of planning for the entire Olema Valley and southern end of the park. Second, that it be a public process that would allow participation from Bolinas, and any other public interest, in all aspects of it, including the advisory committee meetings, and that those meetings not be closed-door. Third, that deadlines such as the one on November 30, 2000, not prohibit the inclusion of alternatives, such as proposals from the present tenant, or others, for consideration. The current proposal, which appears to have been developed in possible violation of the letter, if not the spirit, of the law, should not be considered more worthy than alternatives just because the Park service has already invested in it.

9.  November 7 Election Report:  Measure G – solid waste initiative

Measure G, the advisory poll to determine the extent of public support for development of alternative garbage collection services in Bolinas, passed with a 55% to 45% vote. Director Amoroso stated that he would like to find out if solid waste consultant Paul Rottenberg would be interested in developing and implementing a local service without any District staff involvement until it was up and running, and, if so, how much he would charge. Director Siedman said he was unwilling to spend any more on consulting fees. Director Bertsch felt that the result of the advisory measure was not strongly enough in favor to justify spending the additional $15,000 she understood Rottenberg to want for making a plan. Amoroso specified that he would like to find our how much it would cost to reach the point where BCPUD could take over an operational service. In addition he would like Rottenberg to research other service providers.

--  Kayfetz/Siedman     three ayes, Amoroso opposed, McClellan absent      to propose to Shoreline Disposal that it refund to BCPUD the $30,000 in legal fees for the current litigation over West Marin Sanitary Landfill and reduce Bolinas’ pickup rate to the same as Stinson Beach’s if it wishes to continue with another contract at the end of the current one. To ask Paul Rottenberg for an estimate of the cost for him to set up a discrete waste collection service for Bolinas and an estimate of the cost of researching other waste collection providers.

Amoroso opposed the motion because he wished to give Rottenberg the immediate go-ahead.

Director Kayfetz left at 10:05 p.m.

7.  Vegetation Management Plan Committee:  subcommittees reports

Subcommittees A & B agreed to continue their reports to the December meeting, when all directors would be present. Director Amoroso indicated that he thought a Special Meeting should be held after the December presentation.

Item 8 was postponed pending the arrival of Don Deane.

10.  Mesa Septic: update on request to County of Marin for Ex Officio appointment to SepTAC

Manager Buchanan reported that has been no confirmation of BCPUD appointment to SepTAC. He will attend the meeting on November 16 as Directors Bertsch and McClellan cannot attend.

11.  Resolution No. 454, rescinding and replacing Resolutions 238, 248, 258, 439 and 440, concerning water meter suspension and abandonment procedures


12.  Roads:  update on Kale/Poplar/Larch/Ivy survey;  clarification of policy concerning previously undeveloped rights of way (paper streets)

Marin County Department of Public Works will be surveying the public easements once Senior Engineer Jack Baker has given approval.

It seems “unusual use of a right of way” may be taking place, counter to Ordinance 30, on an undeveloped street between Opal and Alder. Although neighbors have expressed concern no written complaint has been received.

8.  Bolinas Community Land Trust:  Gibson House affordable housing project

Bruce Bowser outlined the progress of the Bolinas Community Land Trust in purchasing the Gibson House. He said that escrow is to close on November 22. The BCLT has secured commercial loan for $405,000, local loans and gifts of $120,000, and a promissory note from Marin County for $275,000. It is now looking for rehabilitation funds. Don Deane indicated that the County is requiring the BCLT to hire a property manager as well as a project manager and a supervisory general contractor for the rehabilitation, as a contingency of its loan. Because of the Land Trust’s unstable history the County wants it to provide additional structures to reinforce the organization. Deane asked if BCPUD, an agency with considerable project management experience, would be willing to work with the BCLT on project oversight. The bulk of the work will be done by an independent project manager and District responsibilities would be mainly tracking and releasing funds. Funds have been budgeted to pay for such work. Director Bertsch noted that she could not vote on this topic since she has worked for the BCLT. She thought a more experienced entity or person than the BCPUD would be more suitable although she was not opposed to working out a relationship between the BCPUD and the Land Trust. Director Amoroso speculated that the County wanted to see some degree of local government participation, which could offer some continuity of organization. Director Siedman expressed wholehearted support for the project and indicated that if staff was comfortable with idea he would support District involvement. Director Bertsch asked if BCCLT was seeking BCPUD participation just for the transition period. Deane replied that it was and was considering ultimately setting up a separate entity specifically for the Gibson House. There was general support for further exploration of a BCPUD/BCLT relationship.

13.  Other Business

a.  Committee Reports

      -- Downtown Parking:

Director Amoroso reported that the committee’s work would probably not be finished before February, 2001.

      -- Finance:  1st quarter financial report;  Lang & Associates business closing notice

Directors received the first quarter report without comment.

Rosalie Lang, the District’s bookkeeper, will work until the end of January 2001. Various replacement options are being explored.

      -- Housing:

Director Bertsch reported that the first meeting has taken place and went well. Meetings will be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Director Amoroso suggested that an inventory of housing and uses be developed. Director Siedman suggested that the Disaster Council could be a good source of information of housing uses.

      -- Legal:

Mediation for Martinelli v. Johnson will take place on November 21 and 27.

      -- Park and Recreation:

Bailey Green’s report is due on December 1, 2000. The new commissioner, Robert Hunter, is working out well.

      -- Sewer:  report on 11/7 meeting with Oswald Engineering Associates

The November meeting was very educational and retrofitting digester pits seems to be a good idea. Bailey Green has suggested that purchase of a portable DO meter with a probe to enable on site monitoring of levels would ultimately make practical and economic sense.

      -- Solid Waste:  Resource Recovery Project:  October financial report; operations report

Directors received Resource Recovery Project reports without comment.

b.  Minutes of October 18, 2000 Meeting

--  Bertsch/Siedman     three ayes, McClellan, Kayfetz absent   to approve October 18, 2000 minutes

c.  Minutes of November 1, 2000 Meeting


d.  Warrants

--  Bertsch/Siedman     three ayes, McClellan , Kayfetz absent  to approve warrants

e.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

December 20, 2000

14.  Adjournment

11:32 p.m.