A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
November 19, 2003     7:30 p.m.    

270 Elm Road, Bolinas


1.  Call to Order                

2.  Roll

3.  Manager’s Report

4.  Community Expression

5.  Marin County Sheriff’s Department Abandoned Vehicle
     Towing Program

6.  Waste Management:  request for rate adjustment effective
      January 1, 2004

7.  Mesa Park:  Resolution 496, Authorizing General Manager
     To Sign And File A Water   Recycling Facilities Planning Grant
     Application And To Negotiate And Execute A Grant Contract;
     consideration of appointment to seat on Board of Commissioners
     being vacated by Andrew Blake

8.  Expanded Water Use Permit Application:  Liebenstein. 
     46 Wharf Road (Coast Café); consideration of letter to Marin
     County Community Development Agency re use permit process

9.  Expanded Water Use Permit – Request for Variance:  Spangler. 
     11 Wharf Road (Blue Heron)

10.  Coastal Permit Application (CP 04-12):  Salwen. 
       216 Ocean Parkway

11.  Coastal Permit Application (CP 04-13):  Dworsky/Dar. 
       50 Mesa Road

12.  Sewer System:  connection fee proposal; connection application
        priority list

13.  Easement Request:  Beckman.  375 Ivy Road

14.  Road Maintenance Permit Application:  Murch.  Larch at Evergreen

15.  Resolution No. 497, Requesting Agency Membership On West Nile
       Virus Task Force And Appointing Stacey Henderson As District

16.    Kaiser Permanente Health Plan:   Authorization for 2004 Renewal

17.   Pine Gulch Creek Property Riparian Fence Project; recent correspondence

18.  Other Business

a.  Committee Reports
      -- Alternative Energy:
      -- Downtown Parking and Traffic:  11/12 meeting report; new members
      -- Finance: 
      -- Legal:
      -- Mesa Septic, Roads and Drainage:  next meeting January 14, 2004
      -- Operations:
      -- Park and Recreation:
      -- Personnel:
      -- Sewer:  Resource Recovery Project; Community Paths Group
      -- Solid Waste: 
b.  Minutes of October 15, 2003 Meeting
c.  Warrants
d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

19.  Adjournment