Bolinas Community Public Utility District   
 A Regular  Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
 December 15, 2004     270 Elm Road, Bolinas

1.  Call to Order  7:31 pm                                            

2.  Roll

    Directors Amoroso, Kimball, Siedman and Smith present
    Director McClellan arrived at 7:34 pm
    Director Siedman presiding

3.    Manager’s Report

Board members received a letter from Peter Oakander, thanking BCPUD for the good work done during the Terrace Avenue Pipeline Replacement Project.

Staff reported that installing a new water line to 190 Horseshoe Hill Road with a separate service to 180 Horseshoe Hill Road is being held over until Summer, 2005. The owner of number 190 has been assured that there is no time limit to requesting the meter’s installation. 

Staff reported that Norman Orr has not completed the appraisal of the Pine Gulch Creek property. Review of the appraisal will be placed on the agenda of the January 19th, 2005 meeting.

Board members received draft copies of the BCPUD Pipeline. Feedback should be received by Thursday, December 23, 2004. Director Kimball asked that the chairs of the featured committees review their respective sections in the newsletter.

Board members received an invitation to toast the New Year with the BCPUD employees on December 30th, 5 pm, in the BCPUD office.

4.    Community Expression


5.  Volunteer Committee Reports

--Alternative Energy:  rebate application

  Bob Gold pointed out that since the PG&E rebates have been reduced, there is now no hurry to apply for the rebates by 12/31/04. He suggested the committee meeting when he has completed the new project cost projections using the revised rebate figures.
--Beach:  recommendation that BCPUD request County of Marin reinstate the camping ban ordinance for 1 year and to make the ban apply to all weekends, not just those between May and October.
The Board reviewed a draft letter requesting that County of Marin reinstate the camping ban ordinance, revising it to include a year-round ban. 

Kimball/Smith   all in favor   to send the letter to Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey

-- Community Paths Group: 
    Don Smith reported that the project did not receive the Transportation Development Fund grant this year. However, Steve Kinsey has offered to help look for funding. The group will begin looking for additional funding sources as well. A $40,000 tax measure would be the last resort for funding.

-- Downtown Parking and Traffic: report on December 1 meeting; impact of 86 Wharf Road project on parking; parking plan update
    Director Amoroso reported the parking plan must be granted a Coastal Permit at a cost of $1,800 dollars. The committee has decided to first informally work with the Coastal Commission to determine the likelihood of receiving a permit, then seek voter approval if permit approval seems assured, and then apply for the required permit. Director Amoroso noted that the Commission might question the provision designating exclusive use of specific parking spaces for Bolinas residents, but said this is part of a minimum plan and anything less than this might not be worth pursuing. 

    Director Amoroso noted that the 86 Wharf Road project has resulted in the loss of one or two public parking space. Roger Peacock, the project’s contractor, noted that in cases such as this one, County building requirements can inadvertently reduce the number of available public parking spaces because a driveway to required off-street parking must be installed.  He recommended that the Board bring this matter to the attention of County planners so that in the future the loss of public parking can be eliminated. Director Amoroso suggested the letter be copied to Steve Kinsey’s office. Staff will distribute, prior to mailing, a draft letter to directors for comment.

--Mesa Drainage: report on December 8 meeting; pilot project update
Matt Lewis noted that the Poplar Road drainage trench may need some   adjustments. Carol Katz, from the audience, pointed out that the current trench is actually draining onto her private property. She requested that this area be filled back in and that the trench be extended to the existing drainageway just west of the Iris Road right-of-way. She pointed out that neighbors should have been notified of the work in advance of the project.

Director Amoroso pointed out that the project, as originally approved, would have run down the north side of Poplar and would have avoided the problems cited. Matt Lewis disagreed.

Matt Lewis and the Drainage Committee will work with the parties involved in the project during their January 12th, 2005 meeting and will report the outcome at the next board meeting.

Board members received copies of Matt Lewis’ Drainage Committee report.
Board members also received copies of Alan Margolis’ letter of resignation from the Drainage Committee. 

-- Resource Recovery:  November financial report
Board members received copies of the November 2005 financial report. Staff reported that the project will repay BCPUD loan used to purchase a skip loader at the rate of $1500.00 monthly, with a final payment of  $500.00 in March, 2006.

--West Nile Virus Task Force:

Jim Wanderscheid, manager of the Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District, will attend the January, 2005 board meeting to discuss Bolinas’ entry into the Mosquito Abatement District. Prior to his attendance, staff will request that he also discuss under what circumstances the District might use toxic substances to kill mosquitos. Staff will notify the Point Reyes Light about the meeting in case they want to report his comments to the wider West Marin community.

--Draft Committee Guidelines
    Board members received copies of Director Kimball’s draft Guidelines for BCPUD’s Volunteer Committees. Suggestions were made and Director Kimball will       present a revised draft at the next board meeting.

6.  Other Business

a.    Board Committee Reports

--Finance:  A draft 2005 BCPUD budget is underway.  Staff recommended that the finance committee meet an additional time in 2005.

-- Legal: Board members received a copy of the district counsel’s letter to the Martinellis’ attorney, requesting that BCPUD be dismissed as a cross-defendant in         State of California v West Marin Sanitary Landfill, et al.

-- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads: nothing to report

-- Operations: nothing to report

--Park and Recreation:  Director Siedman noted that Andy Blake’s term on the Mesa Park Board of Commissioners expires in January, 2005. Staff will publish a        notice inviting applications for the new four-year term and will notify Bolinas School and incumbent Blake directly. 

-- Personnel: nothing to report

-- Sewer:   nothing to report 

b.    Minutes of November 17, 2004 Meeting 
       Smith/Kimball   all in favor  to approve the minutes with Director Amoroso’s suggested changes.

c.  Warrants   Amoroso/Kimball   all in favor   to approve the warrants

d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting January, 19th, 2005

7.  Adjournment  9:20pm