Bolinas Community Public Utility District
A Regular Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
December 15, 2010     270 Elm Road, Bolinas

1.    Call to Order.

    7:32 p.m.

2.    Roll.

    Directors Amoroso, Bender, Kimball, Siedman and Smith present; director Siedman presiding.

3.    Manager’s Report.

-- Update on the Terrace Avenue Bluff Stabilization Project

Staff reported that Terrace Avenue resident Bob Ekedahl forwarded to the BCPUD an e-mail he received from Liza Crosse, aide to Supervisor Kinsey, in response to a petition signed by numerous residents who access their homes via Terrace Ave; this petition supports the County’s partnership with the BCPUD on the geotechnical analysis of the bluff below Surfer’s Overlook and urges the County to repair the collapse of Terrace Avenue at Overlook Road, as well.  Ms. Crosse’s e-mail states that the County is obligated to keep Terrace Avenue open and is working steadily to resolve problems.  Ms. Crosse states that the County’s Department of Public Works (“DPW”) has determined that the bluff below Surfer’s Overlook is eroding slowly and that it is unlikely that the road above will fall completely in the next few years; she notes that a repair will cost several million dollars and take several years to complete.  Ms. Crosse further states that DPW evaluated the road collapse of Terrace Avenue at Overlook Road this past summer and determined that a repair project at this location will cost an estimated $1 million; there are no funds for such a repair now, but the project is on a “short list” of priority projects.  Ms. Crosse’s e-mail concludes that of the two potential project sites, the repair of the slide at Overlook Road can be achieved in the most timely way and is the least expensive, so she anticipates it will get done first.

Staff reported that the geologic assessment of the bluff below Surfer’s Overlook was performed by the district’s geotechnical engineers on November 30, 2010.  The all-day evaluation was performed by Sanders & Associates Geotechnical Engineers (“SAGE”) and their two subcontractors, DrillTech and Norcal Geophysical Engineers.  SAGE engineers Drew Kennedy and Bill Milhoune evaluated the bluff from top to bottom; DrillTech provided boomlift assistance and Norcal performed a seismic refraction analysis of the toe of the bluff.  A draft technical memorandum summarizing the evaluation will be issued on December 17th and will be reviewed by the Working Group; the final memorandum will then be discussed and reviewed with County representatives and, ultimately, with Coastal Commission staff.

-- Update on Horseshoe Hill Road Water Main Extension Project

The contact for this project has been awarded to Team Ghilotti, the lowest responsible bidder, subject to conditions set forth in BCPUD Resolution 594.  Staff continues to negotiate a final agreement on financing with the responsible property owner. 

        -- Approve Cost-Share for Relocated Water Service to 8 Horseshoe Hill Road

The residents of 8 Horseshoe Hill Road have requested that the BCPUD cost-share with them on a 50-50 basis the expense of the new water service line on their property.  As a result of the Horseshoe Hill Water Main Extension Project, the water meter serving 8 Horseshoe Hill Road will be moved from Olema-Bolinas Road to Horseshoe Hill Road, resulting in a requirement that the residents install a new water service line to the new meter - this service line will be approximately 300 feet in length.  The residents feel it is an undue burden to require them to install such a lengthy new line, which is essentially the length of the water main that the BCPUD is abandoning for this project.  Staff obtained an estimate of $2,000 for the installation of a new copper service and an estimate of $200-500 to connect the new service to the house.  As such, the potential cost to the district of a 50-50 cost-share will be $1,250.

B. Kimball/K. Bender        all in favor    to approve cost-share on a 50-50 basis between the BCPUD and the property owner for relocated water service to 8 Horseshoe Hill Road because of the distance of the new water service line required as a result of the relocation of the district’s water main from Olema-Bolinas Road to Horseshoe Hill Road.

-- Update on the Award of Prop. 84 Grant Funds for Projects to Enhance the Duxbury Reef Area of Special Biological Significance(“ASBS”)

Staff reported that this project has been dormant while County Counsel negotiates issues relating to the Grant Agreement with attorneys for the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB”).  BCPUD is a subcontractor to the County on this project and the County has prepared a draft Memorandum of Understanding in which it seeks to “push down” to the BCPUD all of the responsibilities of the Grant Agreement for the stormwater projects BCPUD will undertake as subcontractor.  Unfortunately, the BCPUD’s insurance provider states that the district does not have the coverage required under the Grant Agreement and this provider cannot provide it.  The district’s Drainage Project Manager and consulting hydrogeologist also are concerned from a technical perspective whether the district can install a sufficient number of bioswales or other such treatment systems in the public rights of way (the County will not agree that such projects can be installed on private lands) to make the measurable impact on water quality at Duxbury Reef required per the Grant Agreement.  The County has requested a meeting on December 21st with BCPUD representatives to discuss the Grant Agreement and staff requested that at least one Board member attend.  Discussion ensued as to who should attend and it was agreed that the General Manager, the Drainage Project Manager, the district’s consulting hydrogeologist and director Kimball will attend. 

-- Update on the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) Accessibility of the BCPUD Building.

Staff plans to re-bid this project after the holidays, likely during the second week of January.
On the water side of operations, staff reported that consumption remains at historically low levels when inadvertent leaks are factored out of the consumption numbers.  At the Woodrat Water Treatment Plant, the district is experiencing a problem with the pressure-reducing valve that lowers the pressure of the raw water coming into the treatment plant from the Arroyo Hondo creek.  This valve is original to the plant and is a key piece of infrastructure; the estimated repair to rebuild it is $3074.  Staff recommends approval of the repair and there was no objection from the Board. 

    Staff directed the Boards attention to a letter dated December 3, 2010 from Cal EMA concerning the 2005-06 winter storm disaster and the district’s funding application.  Staff will confirm with Cal EMA that this is the final step in the process of closing out this disaster application. 

On the wastewater side of operations, it is relatively quiet with staff’s attention focused on the upgrade of the electrical panels at the sewer pond property.  Director Smith volunteered to review the engineer’s specifications and provide any comments to staff.

The Board reviewed correspondence sent and received since the last regular Board meeting, including a Public Records Act request for a copy of the district’s solid waste contract and a copy of the letters recently sent by the district to all realtors doing business in Bolinas reminding them to disclose to potential property purchasers (particularly those purchasing undeveloped property) of the water moratorium and the County’s policies on water wells in the district.

    Finally, staff directed the Board’s attention to the most recent draft MOU with the County concerning the planting of the median strip between the new bike path and Olema-Bolinas Road.  The MOU was approved by the Board at the November meeting and the only changes to the MOU since that time were to paragraphs 1 and 2, as indicated – the County seeks to make clear that it will not be responsible to maintain the plants once they are planted.  Director Kimball reported that the County crew will contribute four days of labor to prepare the median strip for planting and that the estimate for plant purchase is down to $7,500 (from an original budget of $10,000).  Director Kimball has asked the Bolinas-Stinson School Foundation if donations to the project can be administered by the foundation so that donors can receive a tax deduction. 

-- Drainage Project Manager’s Report.

The Board reviewed a written report submitted by Drainage Project Manager Lewie Likover.

4.    Community Expression.

    Cela O’Connor stated that the agenda for the next BLTAC meeting contains an item concerning the re-armoring of the Seadrift revetment so perhaps it finally will be challenged. During the most recent re-armoring of the revetment, Scott Tye documented more than 50 trucks on the beach on the last day alone.  Director Smith commented that it may be possible to determine whether the footprint of the revetment has, in fact, increased as a result of the re-armoring as many people seem to suspect by performing a seismic refraction analysis. 

    Cela reported that the project to selectively remove trees from Kent Island and replace them with natives has been approved and the funding has been obtained; she said local people might be surprised by the project once it gets going.  Finally, Cela noted that on December 7, 2010 the Board of Supervisors accepted John Osterweis’ offer to transfer a public right-of-way into his property. 

5.    Request for Financial Relief from Quarterly Water Bill pursuant to BCPUD Resolution 553 – 77B Olema-Bolinas Road (McFarlin-Perron).

Heather McFarlin-Perron was present to discuss the leak that occurred at her property during the summer, as a result of which nearly 640,000 gallons of water were lost (which is equivalent to 2/3 of the town’s treated and stored water supply).  Director Siedman noted that Tenzin Alatsang, caretaker for the property, had appeared the prior month to discuss the matter and explained that the leak resulted from a malfunctioning water tank on the property.  Ms. McFarlin-Perron confirmed this and, in response to questions from the Board, explained that a water tank was present when she bought the property in 2001, but in disrepair, so she replaced it along with most of the piping (also in disrepair) on the property in 2003. 

Director Siedman noted that a tremendous amount of water was lost due to the leak and the Board wants assurance that steps have been taken to ensure that such a leak does not happen again.  Ms. McFarlin-Perron said that she understands her responsibilities in this regard.  Discussion ensued about the water tank at the property, its function and necessity, and further details about upgrades to water infrastructure at the property in recent years.

Director Kimball said that she is trying to understand the water use at the property; it seems that there are three houses on the property, one of which is occupied full-time by Tenzin and his family, as well as landscaping and horses.  She asked Ms. McFarlin-Perron how much of the water used at the property is for human needs.  Ms. McFarlin-Perron said that it varies throughout the year – during the summer, for example, she brings goats and horses onto the property (to graze the high grasses).  She noted that per the terms of her expanded water use permit, the property is entitled to 245 cubic feet (or 2,000 gallons) of water per day, which is about 700 gallons per day per house.  Director Kimball said she reviewed the Board’s past decisions to grant financial relief for water leaks and that this case seems more like the failure of an automatic irrigation system, where no financial relief is allowed.  She noted the historic high water use at the property - the highest residential consumption in the district, which she would like to discuss at a future date - and the large water loss due to the time that elapsed before it was detected (due to Tenzin’s vacation out of town).  Under the circumstances, she recommends either no relief, or 25% of the amount attributable to the leak; she said she would like to hear other directors’ thoughts.

Director Bender said the water loss was due to a very unfortunate, freaky combination of circumstances that were in no way intentional; she said Ms. McFarlin-Perron responded diligently and that she is willing to consider a reduction in the bill of 25% of the amount attributable to the leak, despite the huge water loss involved.  Director Amoroso concurred.
Director Smith observed that water consumption at the property dropped considerably since the beginning of 2009 and asked why.  Ms. McFarlin-Perron said she constantly tells Tenzin to monitor water use and that they have not had horses at the property during the most recent two summers.  Director Smith asked if there is an irrigation well that can be used for animals and landscaping needs;  Ms. McFarlin-Perron said that there is a well installed by the former owner that can be used to fill the pond near the house, but it is quite sandy.

Director Smith said that the district’s leak relief resolution centers on whether the water loss was due to “excusable neglect”, or not.  He said that to have a water tank overflowing as occurred in this case suggests that Tenzin’s substitute was not really on the job in a meaningful way, which argues against reducing the bill.  On the other hand, the bill is enormous – over $14,000 – and efforts have been made in the last two years to substantially reduce consumption, which is something the district would like to encourage.  He noted that average water use in the community is approximately 2,000 cubic feet per quarter.  Director Siedman agreed that the Board generally denies any request for financial relief for an irrigation system failure, which to some extent this case is, but he also agreed that the excusable neglect standard is met and that a reduction in the bill equal to 25% of the amount attributable to the leak seems fair. 

In response to a question from director Amoroso, Ms. McFarlin-Perron said that the pond on her property is filled by stormwater run-off from the Big Mesa;  she occasionally fills it with water from the irrigation well if it goes dry in the late summer/early fall months.  Director Bender suggested that BCPUD staff conduct a site visit to the property to determine if and how further water conservation can be achieved to reduce the property’s impact on the town water supply.  Ms. McFarlin-Perron had no objection and Tenzin said he now is reading the water meter daily and keeping a record of consumption.

K. Bender/D. Smith        all in favor    to reduce the quarterly metered water bill by an amount equal to 25% of the water use attributable to the leak, based on historic records from the past three years during the same billing quarter. 

Director Kimball requested that the Board revisit the criteria for leak relief under BCPUD Resolution 553 at the January meeting.   She also requested that the Board revisit the terms of Ms. McFarlin-Perron’s  expanded water use permit.  Director Amoroso said that district staff first should assess the water use and then the Board can consider whether to have a future agenda item to revisit the permit terms.  Director Smith said he feels there is reason to be optimistic because the water consumption has declined considerably in the last two years.  After further discussion, director Siedman said that staff will do a site visit, determine whether there are opportunities for further conservation and the Board can then revisit the matter. 

6.    Request for Financial Relief from Quarterly Water Bill pursuant to BCPUD Resolution 553 – 250 Iris (Hillyard).

Mr. Hillyard experienced a leak at his property during the quarter ending October 2010; his water bill for this period shows consumption of 5300 cubic feet at a cost of $247.  For the prior three quarters during the same billing period, his consumption was 900, 600, and 1000 cubic feet, for an average of 833 cubic feet in this quarter.  Mr. Hillyard explained that the flapper valve in the toilet became stuck in an open position so the toilet ran for approximately two weeks without detection because no one was at the house.  After detection, the leak was repaired immediately and is no longer a problem.  Mr. Hillyard noted that it was not fixed, however, until the first week of November, so his bill might also be high for the next quarter.  The Board advised him to wait until he received the next bill.  Director Smith noted that based on past decisions of the Board in cases of undetected leaky toilets, the Board has granted financial relief for 25% of the amount of water attributable to the leak and he moved the Board do so here.

D. Smith/B. Kimball    all in favor        to reduce the quarterly metered water bill by an amount equal to 25% of the water use attributable to the leak, based on historic records from the past three years during the same billing quarter.

7.    Request for Financial Relief from Quarterly Water Bill pursuant to BCPUD Resolution 553 – 324 Ocean Parkway (Johnson).

Mr. Johnson experienced a leak at his property during the quarter ending November 2010; his water bill for this period shows a consumption of 57,600 cubic feet (or 430,848 gallons) at a cost of $9560).  For the three quarters during the same billing period, consumption was 1700, 3800, and 1300 cubic feet, for an average of 2267 cubic feet this quarter.  Mr. Johnson explained that he was at the property over the July 4th weekend and there was no apparent water leak.  On September 17th, his landscaper discovered water pooling in front of the house and contacted Tom Wredberg.  Tom called the BCPUD and staff confirmed a leak on the service line; water was shut off to the house and a repair was completed by October 1, 2010.  Mr. Johnson said that his landscaper and/or others are there weekly and he believes he acted promptly upon discovery of the leak.  In addition, brush has been cleared away from the meter so that it is now accessible to BCPUD staff.  Tom Wredberg confirmed Mr. Johnson’s description of events and said that the entire water service line was replaced and photos of the repair have been submitted. 

Director Smith said this seems to be a blind leak that was not discoverable until water surfaced near the house; however, he is bothered that the meter was not accessible to staff for the two quarters prior to the discovery of the leak despite the fact that notices were sent to the property owner requesting clearance of brush.  Director Smith said that whereas the Board in the past has reduced the bill by the entire amount attributable to the leak in cases of blind leaks that were repaired immediately upon discovery, the property owner’s failure to ensure the accessibility of the meter despite notice to do so concerned him.  Discussion ensued about the amount of financial relief to grant for this case.  Director Amoroso suggested a reduction in the bill equal to 75% of the amount of water attributable to the leak and the other Board member agreed.

V. Amoroso/B. Kimball    all in favor        to reduce the quarterly metered water bill by an amount equal to 75% of the water use attributable to the leak, based on historic records from the past three years during the same billing quarter.

8.    Request for Variance of Expanded Water Use Permit 90-18, 52 Wharf Road, Bolinas (K. Goosherst).

Kimberly Goosherst requested a variance of her expanded water use permit.  She explained that the property, which is occupied by several small businesses in addition to her home (aka “the Barn”) tends to exceed the maximum quarterly limit of 3,100 cubic feet during the summer and early fall months when the businesses are most active.  She acknowledged that the property did experience a toilet leak at one of the businesses within the last two years, but that has been repaired and consistent efforts have been made to monitor and reduce water usage.  Staff confirmed that Ms. Goosherst has been extremely diligent in her efforts to manage reasonable water use at the property and that a variance is appropriate here as the current limit is unfair in light of the number of businesses, in addition to the residence, located on the property.  Staff recommended a variance of 4,500 cubic feet per quarter.  Discussion ensued and Director Bender moved to approve a variance of 5,000 cubic feet per quarter and director Kimball seconded the motion.  Director Smith said he agrees with the motion, but he suggested the Board postpone a formal vote of approval until the following month so that staff can prepare written findings for the Board to adopt in approving the variance.  Director Siedman agreed; he said the effective date of the variance will be January 1, 2011, but the formal vote of the Board to approve the variance will occur at the regularly scheduled January meeting.

9.    Request for Refund of Annual Service Charges (Burke, Hart).

Staff reported that an inadvertent error in annual service charges has been discovered which dates back to the 2005-06 fiscal year.  Briefly stated, two parcels are owned by the same owner, one parcel is developed and is served by the district’s water and sewer system, and the other parcel is an adjacent undeveloped parcel.  In 2005, district staff realized that the annual service charges were imposed on the undeveloped parcel rather than the developed parcel and sought to correct the error.  The charges were correctly added to the developed parcel, but inadvertently not removed from the undeveloped parcel.  As a result, the property owner has been “double-charged” for water and sewer service since the 2005-2006 fiscal year.  Both parcels were sold in September 2006; accordingly, staff notified both the prior and the current property owners about the inadvertent overcharges and their right to request a refund.  The prior and current property owners are friends and have communicated with each other and with district staff and all agree upon the refund amounts owed;  the verified paperwork is in the Board books.  The prior owner requests a refund of $1,466.75 and the current owner requests a refund of $5,702.25;  both amounts accrue interest as a matter of law.  Staff has made all necessary corrections effective as of the 2010-2011 fiscal year so that the annual charges are now on the one developed property only.

K. Bender/B. Kimball        all in favor    to grant a request for refund of annual service charges in the amounts of $1,466.75, plus interest, to prior property owner Burke and of $5,702.25, plus interest, to current property owner Hart.

10.    Local Coastal Plan (“LCP”) Update:  Definition/Delineation of Village Limit Boundaries (C. O’Connor).
Staff updated the Board on information provided by Kristin Drumm, one of the County planners assigned to the Local Coastal Plan (“LCP”) update, concerning the intended purpose of the Village Limit Boundaries (“VLBs”) in the draft LCP.  In brief, the planners have included VLBs for each of the communities in the existing “Unit 1” area of the current LCP because the Coastal Commission staff requested they do so.  VLBs are intended to denote where any future development can be expected to occur in that particular coastal area and serve a very different purpose from the community planning areas set forth in individual community plans. 

Cela O’Connor said that she attended all of the Countywide Plan hearings and all of the Title 22 update hearings; “the Countywide Plan runs the County”, she said.  Cela believes that the County is seeking greater uniformity in planning within Marin and also is seeking to gain more control over land use in the coastal zone.  She said that the LCP is the primary land use document in the Coastal Zone and that there currently are two Unit LCPs (one for the northern portion of the Marin County Coastal Zone and one for the southern portion) because land uses are different in the two units.  Cela said her concern is that the County may alter zoning within the proposed VLBs, which will result in the Bolinas community losing local control over planning.  Cela urged the Board to tell the County that the VLBs should be determined with community input and with an understanding of zoning implications, if any. 

Director Smith questioned what changes in zoning are proposed for the Bolinas area.  Cela replied that zoning is determined by Title 22 of the Marin County Code.  The County intends to amend Title 22 after the new LCP is certified;  Cela believes the County is trying to weaken the LCP.  She asserted that the County will have the authority to change zoning within the VLBs when the updated LCP is certified whereas the County does not have such authority now.  Cela said the community needs to understand the implication of VLBs for changes in zoning;  she said she could envision the zoning in Dogtown changing from 1 unit per 5 acres to 1 unit per 1 acre, for example.

    Director Siedman said that he is inclined to support Cela’s position that the Bolinas boundaries shown in the Bolinas Community Plan should be adopted as the VLB for this area, not the smaller VLB proposed by the planners.  Directors Amoroso and Bender concurred,  director Amoroso said these boundaries should be the same unless the planners can better explain why the boundaries should be different.

K. Bender/V. Amoroso        all in favor        to send a letter to Kristin Drumm stating that the district believes the VLB for Bolinas should be the same as the Bolinas Planning Area set forth in the Bolinas Community Plan, unless the County can provide an acceptable explanation why the boundaries should be different.

11.    Request from Mesa Park to Reappoint Bryan Lee as the BCPUD Appointee to the Mesa Park Board.

V. Amoroso/K. Bender    all in favor        to reappoint Bryan Lee as the BCPUD appointee to the Mesa Park Board of Directors until the November 2011 election.

12.  Discuss Guidelines for Public Requests for BCPUD Letters of Support and/or Opposition.

Director Kimball stated that she requested this agenda item and directed the Board’s attention to draft guidelines in the Board binders.  She explained she was motivated to do so by a recent request asking the BCPUD to send a letter opposing certain naval warfare activities off the California coast.  This letter was requested as an “urgent” item, prepared by BCPUD staff and then sent to numerous public officials, including President Obama.  Director Kimball believes that requests for letters of this kind impose a burden on district staff and should be granted only upon adequate public notice, the requestor should provide a draft of a letter for staff to work with, as well as contact information for all intended recipients.  Director Amoroso concurred in general, but said that the Board should retain discretion to make an exception in a true emergency.

    Discussion ensued concerning the proposed guidelines with revisions and clarifications discussed.  Director Kimball agreed to make the suggested revisions and present the revised guidelines as an action item for Board action at the January meeting.

13.  Renewal of Kaiser Permanente Group Agreement for BCPUD Employees (2011 Plan Year).

Staff presented the renewal agreement for the BCPUD employee health care plan with Kasier Permanente;  the new agreement maintains the same coverage but mandates a 15.56% percent increase in premium payment.

K. Bender/B. Kimball        all in favor        to approve the renewal of the district’s Kaiser Permanente Group Agreement for BCPUD employees for the 2011 Plan Year.

14.    Resolution 595:  Supporting ACWA Policy Principles on Implementation of State and Federal Endangered Species Act.

Director Kimball reminded the Board that the Association of California Water Agencies (“ACWA”) requested the district’s support for its policy principles and, upon concerns raised by director Amoroso, she agreed to contact Assemblymember Huffman for his assessment of the principles.  Assemblymember Huffman responded and expressed strong reservations about the substance of these principles as potentially weakening or limiting Endangered Species Act implementation.  Director Kimball said the Board can support the principles, oppose them or do nothing;  she recommends the latter.  There was no objection.

15.    Election for Local Agency Formation Commission (“LAFCO”) Alternate Special District Member.
Staff advised the Board that the deadline to submit ballots in this LAFCO election is January 24, 2011, so the Board can continue this item until the next meeting if it needs more time to evaluate the candidates.  Director Kimball offered to research the candidates and make a recommendation at the January meeting.  There was no objection.

16.  Volunteer Committee Reports

-- Alternative Energy: Staff reported that the district made its annual Clean Renewable Energy Bond payments today.

-- Bolinas Lagoon Technical Advisory Committee:  Director Amoroso said he attended the most recent meeting and that Cela covered the key items discussed during community expression.

-- Downtown Parking & Traffic Committee:  Director Siedman stated that this committee is no longer active and he asked whether the Board would like to restructure the process by which the district addresses issues concerning downtown parking and traffic.  After a brief discussion, it was agreed that Director Amoroso and staff would meet with a County planner to discuss the steps needed for implementation of the Downtown Parking Plan and then report back to the Board.
-- Resource Recovery:  Nothing to report.

-- Terrace Avenue/Alternative Access Road Committee:  Nothing to report.

-- West Nile Virus Task Force/West Marin Mosquito Control Coordinating Council:  Nothing to report.

17.     Other Business

a.  Board Committee Reports

-- Finance:  First Quarter Financial Report.   Staff  said the report would be presented at the January meeting due to ongoing technical difficulties with producing the report.

The Board reviewed and accepted the district’s audited financial statements for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.  Finance Committee members Amoroso and Kimball agreed to hold a Finance Committee meeting to discuss several items of business on January 11, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.

-- Legal:  Directors Siedman and Smith met to review the Ordinance 30 and director Smith agreed to take a first pass at revising it.

-- Mesa Septic, Flood Control and Roads:  Nothing to report.

-- Operations:  Nothing to report.

-- Park and Recreation:  Nothing to report.

-- Personnel:  Personnel Committee members Bender and Siedman agreed to hold a Personnel Committee meeting on January 7, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. 

-- Sewer:   Nothing to report.

b. Minutes of the November 17, 2010 Regular Meeting

    Director Kimball offered corrections to the draft minutes. 

V. Amoroso/B. Kimball    four in favor, Director Smith abstaining    to approve the minutes of the November 18, 2010 regular meeting, as corrected.

c. Warrants

D. Smith/B. Kimball    all in favor    to approve the warrant list.

d. Scheduling of Next Meeting(s) 

    January 19, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.

18.  Adjournment.

    10:35 p.m.