January 31, 2001  270 Elm Rd, Bolinas

1.  Call to Order

8:12 p.m.

2.  Roll

All directors present, Director McClellan presiding.

3.  WORKSHOP:  Garbage / Recycling for January, 2002 and beyond

Solid waste consultant Paul Rottenberg presented his considered choices for the best way to implement an in-house garbage and recycling collection service for Bolinas. He noted that he has given consideration to the nature of the roads and the need for versatile, user-friendly equipment that could be easily repaired and replaced.  He proposed purchasing a 1.5-ton pickup truck, adapted to a container delivery body, and with dual-side drive, which would hold a 4 cu. yd. box. The truck would pull a trailer with another 4 cu. yd. box. In a series of loops from a base location such as the maintenance yard, collections would be made, dropping off the full trailer boxes at specified locations and the full truck box at the yard. The full boxes would be emptied by an independent hauling company with a front loader which would also collect the downtown commercial boxes and, on one of the two projected pickup days of the week, the household recyclables. Cardboard could be accumulated for up to three weeks before hauling.

Rottenberg explained, in answer to Director Siedman’s concern about the windy conditions on the Mesa, that one of various partial-cover options would answer. The number of trailer boxes sitting awaiting emptying would be no more than seven at any one time if collection were spread over two days.

Ken Foley noted that Shoreline Disposal will be submitting a proposal to extend its contract with the District for ten years, under the current conditions, including its rate formula. Negotiation will be possible at that time. He made no comments on Rottenberg’s proposal other than to recommend paying special attention to customer service and billing, and reporting requirements.

Initial capital investment would be $112,000. Rottenberg proposed that he be paid 100% of savings made in the first year, given that customers pay the same rate as Shoreline Disposal currently charges. His fee would then be 66% in the second year, 33% in the third, and so on, phasing out as the operation became sufficiently established. Savings could be progressively
transferred to management costs or to customers.

Director Kayfetz stated that he was favorably impressed with Rottenberg’s analysis and would like to proceed with such a proposal, subject to negotiating a contract with Rottenberg. Director Amoroso said he felt the increase in duties and responsibilities for the manager was not sufficiently compensated. Manager Buchanan noted that implementing a billing utility program for the District would be timely. Director Bertsch expressed strong support for Rottenberg’s proposal, saying his presentation had changed her views completely, although she felt that administrative costs had been underbudgeted.

--  Kayfetz/Bertsch     unanimous     to proceed with a positive position on negotiating compensation for Rottenberg’s services in making his proposal operational, while remaining open to the forthcoming proposal from Waste Management (Shoreline Disposal).

4.  Community Expression


5.  Adjournment

10:32 p.m.