A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
April 18, 2001      8 p.m.
270 Elm Road, Bolinas

7 p.m.  Closed Session (conference with legal counsel – existing litigation – G.C. §54956.9(a)
            Orrick, Herrington, Sutcliffe vs. BCPUD; Martinelli vs. BCPUD – G.C. §54956.9(a);
            54956.9(b)(1) – one case);( personnel matters –  GC§54957)


1.  Call to Order

2.  Roll / Announcement re: closed session

3.  Manager’s Report

4.  Community Expression

5.  Bolinas Beach:  draft ordinance establishing regulations

6.  Department of Public Works Paved Shoulder Proposal:  Olema-Bolinas Road

7.  Solid Waste:  Waste Management, Inc. proposal for 2002 – report on April 2 committee
     meeting; draft agreement for consultant services (Foothill Resources); 3/22 letter re: fees and
     uncompensated hours

8.  Request for Meter Transfer:  Hanley
     project location:  AP# 192-191-13, Fern Road between Elm and Ocean Parkway

9.  Minor Design Review/Coastal Exclusion Application (DM 01-52/CX 01-17): Tompkins Buell
     project location:  50 Olema-Bolinas Road

10.  Roads:  Hawthorne (between Larch and Alder): complaint of obstruction
                  Queen (between Cherry and Ocean Parkway:  complaint of non-permitted work

11.  Resolution 459, proposing November 6, 2001 election be held and requesting election services

12.  Resolution 460, accepting completion of Water Storage Tank Cathodic Protection Project

13.  Other Business

a.  Committee Reports
      -- Downtown Parking:
      -- Finance:  2001-2002 budget process: draft budget; proposition 218 notices;
                  Bunker &   Co. audit proposal
      -- Housing:
      -- Legal:
      -- Mesa Septic:  SepTAC status
      -- Park and Recreation:
      -- Solid Waste:  Resource Recovery Project:  finance / operations
b.  Minutes of March 21, 2001 Meeting
c.  Warrants
d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

14.  Adjournment