A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
May 17, 2000 8 p.m.
270 Elm Road, Bolinas

7:00 Closed Session (Pending litigation pursuant to G.C. §54956.9(c). The Board of Directors is meeting to consider initiating litigation. Defendant unspecified to avoid jeopardizing service of process or existing settlement negotiations.) (Personnel matters - 2000-01 District/Employees Memorandum of Understanding)


1. Call to Order

2. Roll / Announcement concerning closed session

3. Manager's Report

4. Community Expression

5. Formation of Downtown Parking Committee

6. Ordinance 30 (establishes rules governing unpaved roads on Mesa): proposed amendment creating liability for attorney's fees and costs where necessary to enforce ordinance

7. Solid Waste: implementation plan for BCPUD provision of services effective 2002

8. Coastal Permit / Use Permit Applications: Bolinas Fire Protection District project location: 100 Mesa Road (60 ft tower / 160 ft² equipment building)

9. Department of Public Works Request for Comment: parking in turnouts on State Route 1, Stinson Beach to Marshall

10. Mesa Septic: status report on District/County/Region initiative; preliminary project priority list - small community grant program

11. Other Business

a. Committee Reports
-- Finance: draft 2000-01 district budget; 3rd quarter financial report
-- Legal: Martinelli v. Johnson, et. al update
-- Sewer: ponds 1a/1b sludge disposal; engineering proposal and cost estimate for influent piping alterations; vegetation management plan committee report
-- Park and Recreation: title 22 water reclamation project update; irrigation well status
-- Solid Waste: Resource Recovery Project: April financial report; request for exemption from Vegetation Management Plan; committee report; request to change composition of committee
b. Minutes of April 19, 2000 Meeting
c. Warrants
d. Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

12. Adjournment