Bolinas Community Public Utility District

A Regular  Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
May 30, 2001      270 Elm Road, Bolinas
(May 16, 2001 Regular Meeting ordered adjourned for lack of a quorum – G.C.§54955)

1.  Call to Order

8:04 p.m.

2.  Roll

Directors Amoroso, Bertsch, McClellan present.
Director Siedman arrived at 8:09 p.m.
Director Kayfetz absent.
Director McClellan presiding.

3.  Manager’s Report

A new truck has been purchased and is awaiting installation of a bed liner and special lights before going into service. The used compressor that was purchased to replace the old one appears to be in excellent condition.

On hearing that Ray Moritz declined to consult with Davey Tree on tree removal along Mesa Road, on the grounds that he no longer wished to be involved in an issue of such controversy in the community, Director Amoroso proposed contacting some other resources to engage in mowing the inner edge of the eucalyptus forest on the sewage treatment facility land as a containment measure. Upon separating the areas under discussion it was agreed that the Mesa Road work could go ahead without consultation with Moritz. However, since the only representative of Vegetation Management Committee (VMP) Subcommittee B, who happened to be present, noted that mowing the inner edge of the eucalyptus grove was not approved in Subcommittee B’s proposal and would, in fact, eliminate the native growth already in existence, it was decided to explore the issue in more depth before acting. Sewer Committee members Bertsch and Amoroso will meet with wastewater treatment facility operator Kate Curry to evaluate her assessment of operations maintenance needs as regards tree removal, which will then be reviewed for conflicts with the VMP subcommittees’ proposals.

A representative from the BCPUD is invited to join the Marin County-initiated, newly forming Bolinas Watershed Council, a group composed of representatives from all the agencies and communities involved in the area of the Bolinas Lagoon watershed. Director Amoroso expressed interest in participating, but asked Manager Buchanan to represent him at the first meeting.

Manager Buchanan expressed concern over the ability of the treatment facility to continue to meet ever-rising water consumption demands, as its membrane filtration system ages and diminishes in treatment capacity. If the water storage tank levels fall below 8 feet an emergency will have to be declared, issuing door-to door notices. The District is already contacting heavy water users. Director Amoroso suggested replacing the membrane for one unit immediately, ahead of the scheduled replacement for all units in the fall. Adding a fifth unit would cost about $125,000.

The need for a set of standards for work on neighborhood roads was underlined by the disparity of opinions on the speed bump built on Hawthorne by Suzanne Bartlome. Although considerable work has been done to make it more acceptable to neighbors, there are still objections to its height. Colleen Hicks asked that, if standards are adopted, they specify that the builder of a speed bump locate it in a spot where they must drive over it, which would encourage a more user-friendly design. Directors Bertsch and McClellan will meet with the concerned parties and attempt to resolve the issue under discussion and formulate an appropriate standard.

No comments were made on the Permit Review for 5675 Horseshoe Hill Road.

The gate at the end of Brighton Avenue is working, albeit rather recalcitrantly. It will be improved when a new acetylene torch is purchased and the bearings heated and lubricated.

4.  Community Expression


5.  Presentation of Building Plans:  Bolinas Fire Protection District


6.  Roads:  Queen Road:  Finkelstein erosion mitigation plan

Dolores Richards noted her concern that, although replanting of some of the area stripped of vegetation by adjacent property owner David Finkelstein has been taking place, the area for the proposed garage has been left bare. No permit to build the garage has been applied for and she is worried that when the winter rains come, there will be nothing to prevent runoff and erosion of the bluff and her property. There were no objections to Director Bertsch’s suggestion to write a letter to Dr. Finkelstein, with a copy to the  Marin County Community Development Agency, noting the concerns expressed at the meeting, particularly in light of the delicate bluff erosion area in question, and querying the apparent site preparation in the absence of a building permit application, and emphasizing the need for remedial action in the event a permit is denied or delayed.

There were no objections to moving Item 14 forward on the agenda.

14.  LAFCO Runoff Election Ballot:  special district representative

--  Siedman/Amoroso four ayes, Kayfetz absent to vote for Dennis Rodoni in the LAFCO runoff election.

There were no objections to moving Item 10 forward on the agenda.

10.  Request for Variance on Schedule for Meter Transfer:  Smith/Mickelson   project location:  191 Poplar

Don Smith asked that the crossover time already approved for the transfer of the water connection from his Ocean Avenue home to the new location be extended to permit usage during the building process at the new site. He estimated that the sum of the use at both locations would still amount to less than the average usage in the District.

--  Amoroso/Bertsch four ayes, Kayfetz absent  to extend the transfer period until May 30, 2003 with a combined limit of 700 cubic feet per month on both meters.

8.  Bolinas Committee on Park Planning:  No Pets Policy on National Park property; proposed guidelines for use of Wilkins Ranch; Environmental Assessment for Wilkins Ranch

The recently posted sign prohibiting pets off leash on National Park property at Commonweal, is no longer there. No one knows whether its disappearance is in response to a letter of protest from the Bolinas Committee on Park Planning (BCOPP) or otherwise. Cela O’Connor suggested that it is advisable to cooperate with the Park Service if pets are obliged to be on leash, since generally pets are not permitted under any circumstances on National Park property.

Director Siedman reported that the BCOPP is working with the NPS to tailor plans for the Wilkins Ranch. The Park seems responsive. The original goals of returning the Ranch to the General Management Update Plan, and keeping its long-time tenant Mary Tiscornia, are no longer on the table, but the BCOPP is promoting changes in Appendix J of the Park’s proposal that would ensure long-range ranch use definitions, rather than lease-to-lease uses, and is advocating for changes that would diminish the impact on Bolinas from visitors to the facility. There were no objections to authorizing the BCOPP to continue to pursue its current position.

There were no objections to moving Item 9 forward on the agenda.

9.   Mesa Park:  matching grant proposal for operations and maintenance; proposal to   construct skateboard facility

In response to Barbara Kayfetz’ question about using taxpayer’s money (from the BCPUD’s operating budget) to pay for Mesa Park operations, Director Siedman stated that, originally, Mesa Park had expected to raise operating revenue from membership of an indoor facility and swimming pool but, lacking such facilities, is unable to do so. Consequently the Park will be asking for voter approval of a parcel tax next year but is requesting funds to support the grounds maintenance in the interim. The Bolinas-Stinson School has been asked to provide matching funds and is having its legal counsel review the request.  Director Amoroso said that, based on a calculation of approximately $250 a year for land maintenance over the last eighteen years, he would support making a contribution from the District’s regular operating budget as a one-time payment for deferred maintenance, if matched by the school.

--  Amoroso/Bertsch  three ayes, Siedman abstained, Kayfetz absent to pay $6500 to Mesa Park to tide it over until it puts a parcel tax on the ballot, and contingent on matching funds from the school.

Director Siedman reported that the proposed skateboard facility would come before the BCPUD once plans for it have been refined by Mesa Park.

7.  Marin County Dept. of Public Works Proposal:  install gate at Wharf Road entrance to beach

The letter from the DPW states that local agencies and emergency services would have access to the beach. Director Amoroso suggested that a letter approving the project should recommend that the barrier should preclude access by two-wheeled motorized vehicles and that access be governed by the Rod and Boat Club.

11.  Policy Concerning Removal of Hazardous Trees Within BCPUD-owned Rights-of-Way


12.  Resolution 461, Designating Authorized Agent To Execute Agreement For Department of Fish and Game Riparian Restoration Project Grant

--  Amoroso/Siedman four ayes, Kayfetz absent to approve Resolution 461.

13.  BCPUD Board of Directors Meeting Starting Time

--  Bertsch/Siedman four ayes, Kayfetz absent to change the starting time of the BCPUD Board of Directors Regular Meeting to 7:30 p.m. during Standard Time months, effective November 2001.

15.  Resolution 462, Recognizing County of Marin's Efforts on Behalf of Bolinas Planning and Environmental Issues

Director McClellan indicated that he requested the item at the behest of Supervisor Kinsey’s aide Liza Crosse. Director Amoroso objected to such a measure, stating that it wasn’t necessary to thank local government for doing its job and that the $5,000 promised for the parking study is still on hold. Director Siedman noted that the focus of the resolution is not necessarily the individual merits of each item, rather the general use of time and resources by Marin County personnel.

--  Bertsch/Siedman three ayes, Amoroso opposed, Kayfetz absent to approve Resolution 462.

Director Amoroso indicated that he would send a letter stating his objections.
 16.  Other Business

a.  Committee Reports

      -- Downtown Parking:

Director Amoroso reported that veiled threats against other members had been made by a committee member at the last meeting. He stated that the policy of the Board, at whose pleasure the committee serves, was that if a majority of the group asks that another member be removed and the Board listens to the tape recording of the offending incident then it can act. Otherwise, some progress is being made.

      -- Finance:  report on 2001-02 budget process; 3rd quarter financial report

The public hearing on the budget is set for June 20. The budget adds $25 to sewer charges and reduces septic charges by $5. There is no change to water charges, Resource Recovery is a zero cost and solid waste remains in the budget until further notice. Directors decided to defer the inclusion of a pay raise for themselves until a non-election year.

The new bookkeeper is working out well.

      -- Legal:

Richard Harris has not acknowledged service by Hadden Roth.

The demurrer to the Martinelli v. BCPUD cross-complaint looks promising although no attempt to recover expenses is included. Director Siedman will follow up with District Counsel Hadden Roth.

      -- Mesa Septic:  SepTAC update

The preliminary recommendations of the SepTAC are available for review. Bi-annual inspections of existing septic systems will be mandatory, although it is still possible that those inspections will be contracted out by the Environmental Heath Department, which would reduce fees and vulnerability to being found in violation of other permit processes. The committee recommends alternative treatment methods, so repairs will not be as expensive as the “mounded system” model. An amnesty program and grants and loans will be recommended to help bring everyone into compliance. McClellan estimates that it will be another eight months or so before the recommendations become an ordinance.

      -- Park and Recreation:

Addressed in Item 9.

      -- Solid Waste:  Resource Recovery Project:  finance / operations;  Bolinas Community
                                Center request for dumpster

Director Amoroso was reassured to hear that the $18,000 shortfall in the RRP business plan was not expected to be absorbed by BCPUD. Possible revenue from grants has not been budgeted into the plan.

Jill Whitcroft asked if the BCPUD could include a request for a dumpster for the Community Center, in its negotiations with Shoreline Disposal, should the District renew its contract with Shoreline. Director Siedman recommended bringing the matter up in discussions with Shoreline. Manager Buchanan noted that he was told that Shoreline has not approached Stinson Beach County Water District for a rate adjustment as expected. Director Amoroso stated that negotiations with Shoreline revolved around three issues: a refund of the legal costs incurred by the District in defending the now-dismissed cross-complaint filed by Shoreline Disposal, reimbursement for the period Shoreline is believed to have overcharged its customers, and parity with Stinson Beach collection rates. He said that negotiations could proceed on the first two issues but the third is dependent on Shoreline’s rate setting with Stinson. Staff will write a letter to Shoreline asking them to make all possible speed in the negotiation process.

b.  Minutes of April 18, 2001 Meeting

    --  Bertsch/Siedman  four ayes, Kayfetz absent  to approve the minutes of the April 18, 2001 meeting, as amended.

c.  Warrants

--  Bertsch/Siedman  four ayes, Kayfetz absent to approve the warrants.

d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

June 20, 2001

17.  Adjournment: 

11:22 p.m.