Bolinas Community Public Utility District

A Regular  Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
June 20, 2001      270 Elm Road, Bolinas

1.  Call to Order

8:02 p.m.

2.  Roll

Directors Amoroso, Bertsch, Kayfetz  (8:05 p.m.), McClellan and Siedman present
Director McClellan Presiding

3.  Manager’s Report

Staff attended a meeting May 31 to explore formation, by the County of Marin, of a Bolinas Lagoon Watershed Council.  Chaired by Supervisor Kinsey, the meeting included a status report on the Bolinas Lagoon Restoration project – a feasibility study is nearing completion; an Environmental Impact Statement is due in October, 2001; the ultimate cost of a project may exceed $20 million – followed by a discussion of the proposed organization and goals of the Council.   There would be 11-14 members, representing public and private interests, all appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  Among the goals would be project development and public education.  No date was set for another meeting.   This item will be placed on the Board’s agenda when there is a request from County of Marin for a BCPUD representative.

The summer issue of BPUD Pipeline was presented to the Board, with a request for comment by June 25.   Director Amoroso suggested strengthening the language on page 1 concerning the use of automatic sprinkler systems.

The Sewer Committee – Directors Amoroso and Bertsch – met with Operator Kate Currey to discuss containment of the Eucalyptus trees on the sewage treatment facility property.   Director Amoroso suggested a meeting with representatives of the Vegetation Management Plan subcommittees to develop a plan, with cost estimates, and moving expeditiously to complete the needed work.

Public response to the recent urgent request for water conservation has been gratifying.  June consumption is averaging 20% less than May.   The storage tanks are now full and membrane replacement on two units at the filter plant has boosted production.   Stream flows will continue to be a concern during the summer. Staff will repeat conservation awareness messages in water bills, the newsletter and articles in the Hearsay.

There is a deterioration of the outlet piping at the sewer lift station, which is producing seepage inside and outside of the drywell.   A preliminary determination is that the cast-iron pipe, with mounting brackets and fittings, needs to be replaced from the north wall of the drywell, through the south wall and connecting to the transite force main under the sidewalk.   The pipe is very deep where it exits the dry well and will require special equipment or over-excavation.  Staff recommends contracting out the work.   Local contractors Bill Campoy and Dale Roush will submit a bid for the work prior to the July Board meeting.

The newly purchased pickup truck needs to be equipped with a mobile radio.  A portable unit needs to be replaced.   There were no objections to buying the needed equipment.

David Finkelstein has written, thanking the district for accepting his mitigation erosion plan for the Queen Road right-of-way, from which he removed all vegetation to the edge of the cliff, without a required permit.   Staff pointed out that BCPUD merely acknowledged receipt of his plan.    Finkelstein indicated in his letter that he is seeking a permit to construct a garage within the Queen Road right-of-way.  He indicated that concerned neighbor Dolores Richards is supportive of this.   Richards submitted a copy of a letter she has written to Finkelstein taking the strongest possible exception to his letter, and reiterating that she is opposed to new construction anywhere in this fragile cliff area.   Staff will write Marin County planner Andrea Fox, stating  that BCPUD owns the land under the right-of-way and no construction can take place in that easement without District approval. Copies of the Finkelstein/Richards correspondence will be attached.  Copies of the District’s letter to Fox will be sent to Finkelstein and Richards.

North Marin Water District has completed its coast area annual water cost comparison, which shows BCPUD with the second costliest water in the area, exceeded only by Dominguez Water Company, a small private company with 240 connections.

4.  Community Expression


5.  Public Hearing:  2001-02 District Operating Budget

Director McClellan opened the public hearing on the proposed budget.   Copies of the draft were distributed to interested audience members.   There were no comments on the proposal, which calls for a 2.4% increase in overall spending from 2000-01.

Director Amoroso suggested that there be an increase in the top tier of the water usage rates, primarily to encourage conservation.   Staff presented worksheets showing projected revenue increases, with no adjustment made for reduction in usage caused by the additional charges.   Director Siedman argued against such changes, based on the recent conservation efforts of the district’s customers.   Director Kayfetz agreed, pointing out that BCPUD already has the highest rates of local public water purveyors.  He noted that such an increase might disproportionately affect less affluent residents who live on single properties in larger groups in order to be able to afford to stay in Bolinas.  Amoroso disagreed, suggesting the highest usage is by homeowners with extensive landscaping.  The discussion will be continued to the July meeting.

Adoption of the budget is scheduled for the July 18, 2001 meeting.

Director McClellan closed the public hearing.

6.  2001-02 District / Employees Memorandum of Understanding

Changes to the Memorandum of Understanding, agreed to by the Personnel Committee and the employee representatives, include a 5.5% cost of living raise, a change in the hiring date used to determine vacation benefits, double time pay for the administrative assistant for hours worked after midnight during board meetings, and an additional increase in compensation for the district manager, pursuant to a board comparative salary review.

– Siedman/Bertsch      all in favor       to approve the 2001-02 District/Employees Memorandum of Understanding.

7.  November 6, 2001 Advisory Measure(s):  ballot wording – bicycle/pedestrian path

Director McClellan opened the discussion by reading an excerpt from email received from Liza Crosse, Supervisor Kinsey’s aide, regarding Kinsey’s willingness to hold a community meeting and conduct a tour of the project site.

Judy Molyneux presented a petition signed by 300 people asking for an advisory poll on the Class II Bikeway proposal that would create two paved 4’ shoulders on Olema-Bolinas Road from the school to the intersection of Brighton Avenue and Wharf Road.

There followed a detailed discussion on the pros and cons of the County-sponsored proposal, an alternative proposal suggested by opponents of the County’s design, the timing and composition of an advisory measure, wide-ranging comments on public safety, environmental concerns, aesthetics and consensus building.

– Kayfetz/Amoroso       motion withdrawn following discussion       on the basis of the presented petition, and obvious concerns expressed by members of the audience, to place the current Class II Bikeway proposal on the November ballot, regardless of whether alternative proposals are forthcoming by the July 18 meeting, with the understanding that the Board may entertain such other proposals, and that approval of the final wording of the measure be included on the July agenda.

Director Siedman, arguing that an advisory measure is premature, and that July 18 is too soon to develop an alternative proposal, stated that voters should have a choice.  If the real concern is to provide a safe route to the school, then the community should allow the time to determine how realistic the proposed alternative is.  Siedman suggested attempting to develop a project that meets the needs of the community, thereby avoiding a polarizing vote altogether,  or, at least, producing a clearer alternative.  He recommended forming a committee, with representatives from the utility and school districts, and from proponents of the two expressed points of view, to try to work something out.  Siedman mentioned his concern that a Yes/No vote on a single proposal will lose and nothing will be resolved.

Kayfetz withdrew his motion, stating he would want to put it back on the July meeting agenda unless BCPUD receives assurances from County of Marin that delaying an advisory measure vote until the March, 2002 election to develop viable alternatives would not jeopardize county support for the project.  Absent that commitment from County of Marin, Kayfetz indicated he would want to put the November 6, 2001 Yes/No measure back on the July agenda.

Staff will write to Supervisor Kinsey seeking a written commitment that delaying the advisory measure until the March, 2002 election in order to provide a choice to the voters will not jeopardize County of Marin participation in the project.    If no agreement is forthcoming from Supervisor Kinsey by July 18, a measure will be placed on the November ballot seeking advice from the voters on the existing Class II Bikeway proposal.

8.  Alternative Energy Proposal:  Robert Gold

Robert Gold reported on a meeting with Point Reyes Seashore Superintendent Don Neubacher regarding possible application of wind energy systems on park property.   Neubacher indicated to Gold that he would sign off on a proposed application by the District to install a windmill at Woodrat #1 or 2.  Such concurrence is required under County of Marin regulations for development of wind energy conversion systems.

Gold also discussed a recent meeting with officials of the California Energy Commission, who informed him that current year funding may be exhausted by August, although the District’s choice of equipment will not be certified for installation until January, 2002.  Gold described an approach which potentially could preserve funding for BCPUD until 2002.   He also mentioned the possibility of contracting with PG&E as a power generator, noting the economic benefits to the town that might be inherent in such an arrangement.

Director Kayfetz urged Gold to present a concrete proposal to the Board as soon as possible.  Continue to the July meeting.

9.  Downtown Parking Committee:  report on preliminary recommendations

– Amoroso/Bertsch      all in favor       to send recommendations 1-18 to County of Marin, as endorsed by the Board, and to request the Department of Public Works to complete the recommended tasks.  Staff will send a cover letter with the recommendations indicating that the District will welcome an opportunity to have a member of the committee meet with Public Works staff members to review and explain the recommendations.

A copy of the committee’s recommendations will be given to the Hearsay for publication, also.

10.  Resolution 463, Stating BCPUD Policy Concerning Drugs In The Workplace

– Bertsch/Siedman        all in favor         to adopt Resolution 463.

11.  Other Business

a.  Committee Reports

      -- Bolinas Committee on Park Planning:

The committee will be meeting with National Park Service officials on Tuesday, June 26, to discuss the committee’s recommendations for Rancho Bolinas.  Director Bertsch mentioned an Independent Journal article which indicated that NPS may propose a history museum at the ranch.   Bolinas Museum director Dolores Richards has written to the Park Service saying there are already enough history museums in the area.

      -- Legal:

Richard Harris has acknowledged receipt of the District’s cross-complaint in Orrick vs. BCPUD.  A status conference is scheduled for August, 2001.

 -- Solid Waste:  Resource Recovery Project:  finance / operations; Waste Management 2002 contract negotiations update

The Board received copies of the Resource Recovery Project minutes and the May financial report.

Staff reported on a telephone conversation with Waste Management manager James Landa regarding the Stinson Beach County Water District rate adjustment request.   Landa indicated Waste Management accountants are working on the supporting documents and he expects to present a request to SBCWD in the next few days.   Staff will ask for  a copy of the request packet from Stinson manager Richard Dinges.


Director Bertsch reported on the Hawthorne Road speed bump issue.  Neighbors have all checked it out and it appears to be okay with them.

b.  Minutes of May 30, 2001 Meeting

– Siedman/Bertsch     all in favor      to approve the minutes of the May 30, 2001 meeting.

c.  Warrants

– Bertsch/Siedman      all in favor     to approve the warrants.

d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

July 18, 2001.  8 p.m.

12.  Adjournment

12:04 a.m., June 21, 2001