A Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
July 18, 2001     8 p.m.
270 Elm Road, Bolinas


  1.  Call to Order

  2.  Roll

  3.  Manager’s Report

  4.  Community Expression

  5.  Resolution 464, approving BCPUD budget for fiscal year 2001-02

  6.  Resolution 465, stating current rates and charges for water and sewer service

  7.  Resolution 466, approving actions taken by BCPUD manager to ensure that all
       fees and charges comply with Proposition 218

  8.  Downtown Parking Committee:  Phase II recommendations

  9.  November 6, 2001 Advisory Measure(s):  ballot wording – bicycle/pedestrian path

10.  Request for support of rescission of Marin County Ordinance re public consumption of
       alcohol: Coast Cafe

11.  Authorization To Proceed:  Wharf Road pump station repair; Alder Road pipeline project

12.  Bolinas Lagoon Watershed Council:  appointment of BCPUD representative

13.  California Coastal Commission:  offer to dedicate access easement - Brighton Beach

14.  Other Business

a.  Committee Reports
      -- Bolinas Committee on Park Planning:
      -- Legal:  Orrick vs. BCPUD
      -- Park and Recreation:
      -- Solid Waste:  Resource Recovery Project:  finance / operations; Waste Management
                           2002 contract negotiations update
      -- Sewer:  Eucalyptus containment
b.  Minutes of June 20, 2001 Meeting
c.  Warrants
d.  Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)
15.  Adjournment