Resolution No. 486
Proposing An Election Be Held In Its Jurisdiction; Requesting The Board Of Supervisors To Consolidate With Any Other Election Conducted On Said Date; And Requesting Election Services By The County Registrar of Voters
    WHEREAS, it is the determination of the Board of Directors of the Bolinas Community
Public Utility District that a Consolidated General Election be held on the Fourth day of November, 2003, 
at which election the issues to be presented to the voters shall be:

      1.  Election of 2 Members to the Board of Directors for regular terms (4 years)
              2.  One or More Advisory and/or Ballot Measures

               BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Supervisors of the County of Marin is
hereby requested to:

     1)  Consolidate said election with any other applicable election
                    conducted on the same day;
              2)  Authorize and direct the Registrar of Voters, at District’s                       
                    expense, to provide all necessary election services and to
                    canvass the results of said election.        

    PASSED AND ADOPTED at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors on
the 16th day of  April, 2003.

AYES:   Amoroso, Bertsch, McCellan, Siedman

NOES:  None


ABSENT:  Kayfetz