Bolinas Community Public Utility District

Resolution No. 517

Conditionally Appointing Jennifer Blackman To Position of General Manager / Executive Secretary

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Bolinas Community Public Utility District as follows:

1.  To Appoint Jennifer Blackman to the position of General Manager / Executive 
      Secretary of  Bolinas Community Public Utility District, effective August 1, 2005,
      subject to the following conditions:
a.  The prospective employee’s completion of a physical examination at the direction of Occu-Med, Inc., resulting in a finding that the prospective employee is Medically Qualified.

b.  The prospective employee’s signing of a statement: acknowledging that the position of BCPUD General Manager is an “at will” position; and, attesting to an understanding that employment can be terminated by the Board of Directors at any time, without cause, and that the position is a salaried one, exempt from state and federal overtime provisions.

2.  To compensate Jennifer Blackman as detailed in the draft 2005-06 BCPUD Memorandum of Understanding dated April 14, 2005, without respect to any further   revisions that may be made to the Memorandum of Understanding prior  to its approval by the Board of Directors, with the sole exception that the  vacation benefit shall be 3 weeks after the first year of employment,
IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED that this resolution was duly introduced and adopted by the Board of Directors of the Bolinas Community Public Utility District this 20th day of April, 2005, by the following vote:

AYES            Amoroso, Kimball, McClellan, Siedman, Smith

NOES:           None

ABSTAIN:     None

ABSENT:       None
                                                            Jack Siedman
                                                    President, Board of Directors

attest:    Philip Buchanan