Bolinas Community Public Utility District

Resolution No. 519

Declares An Emergency Exists and Authorizes Repairs To Distribution System At Intersection Of ------------- And -----------------.

    WHEREAS key components of the District’s distribution system, located in an underground vault at the intersection of ------------- and -----------------, are in a significant state of deterioration; and

    WHEREAS failure of said facilities will result in an extended water outage for a large portion of the system, including all downtown businesses and the Bolinas School; and

    WHEREAS such failure is judged to be imminent by District personnel; now, therefore

    BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Bolinas Community Public Utility District as follows:

    To declare that an emergency condition exists and that failure of the underground facility at the intersection of ------------- and -----------------, will put major sections of Bolinas at risk of a prolonged water outage, with an associated severe diminution of fire suppression capabilities;

    To authorize solicitation of informal bids from two or more qualified contractors, and to move as quickly as is practicable to complete repairs on the facility.
    IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED that this resolution was duly introduced and adopted by the Board of Directors of the Bolinas Community Public Utility District this 15th day of June, 2005, by the following vote:

AYES:            Amoroso, Kimball, McClellan, Smith

NOES:            None

ABSTAIN:      None

ABSENT:        Siedman

    Victor Amoroso
    Vice President, Board of Directors


    Philip Buchanan