Resolution No. 548

Approving the Award of a Sole-Source Contract for the Installation of the BCPUD Bike Path to Jim Jacobsen


    WHEREAS, the Bolinas Community Public Utility District (“BCPUD”) is the recipient of a grant in the amount of $40,000 from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District/Transportation Authority of Marin and $5,000 from a Marin Community Foundation Neighborhood Achievement Award to fund the construction of an unpaved bicycle and pedestrian pathway on BCPUD lands between downtown Bolinas and the Gridded Mesa residential area (“pathway”).

    WHEREAS, the pathway has been the subject of extensive community comment and input.  The design of the pathway was developed over several years by a committee of residents appointed by the BCPUD.  The pathway has been designed to, among other things, meet ADA accessibility requirements, including the use of a firm, stable pathway surface and compliance with minimum pathway width and maximum gradient/cross slope requirements.

    WHEREAS, the pathway will be approximately one mile in length and five feet in width and will provide a safe, off-road alteranate route for the public to access the downtown and local school.  It has been designed to connect to the County-sponsored off-road bike path that is being developed along Olema-Bolinas Road between Mesa Road and the Bolinas-Stinson Union School District’s Bolinas campus.

    WHEREAS, the BCPUD has received a Local Coastal Permit and an Encroachment Permit from the County of Marin to construct the pathway.

    WHEREAS, during the development of the design of the pathway, the BCPUD contracted for the design services of Jim Jacobsen, an experienced designer and builder of off-road dirt pathways who was one of two contractors recommended to the BCPUD by the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.  

WHEREAS, Jim Jacobsen provided valuable off-road dirt pathway design consultation services as an independent contractor to the committee of residents appointed to develop the pathway project.  Mr. Jacobsen is not currently and has never been an employee of the BCPUD.

WHEREAS, Mr. Jacobsen possesses highly specialized knowledge and skill with regard to the  design and installation of dirt paths with the proper grade, cross-slope and drainage to ensure that they do not erode but rather remain stable and passable in inclement weather.  Furthermore, Mr. Jacobsen has extensive and critical experience in designing and installing features such as “rolling-grade dips” and “rolling-crown switchbacks” and other detail features necessary for erosion control and riding safety.  Furthermore, Mr. Jacobsen has unique skills and abilities to install bike paths in environmentally sensitive habitat.

    WHEREAS, the pathway will traverse an eucalyptus grove and other environmentally sensitive habitat.  The BCPUD Board of Directors understands and believes that Mr. Jacobsen possesses the unique skill and ability necessary to install the pathway with minimal disruption of this senstitive habitat.

WHEREAS, of the two bike pathway builders recommended by the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, the BCPUD Board of Directors further understands and believes that Mr. Jacobsen is the only builder qualified to install the pathway meeting the BCPUD’s specifications for safety and erosion control.

WHEREAS, of the two builders recommended by the Marin County Bicycle Coaltion, the BCPUD Board of Directors further understands and believes that Mr. Jacobsen is the only builder willing and able to install the pathway within the district’s budget of $45,000.

WHEREAS, Mr. Jacobsen has had no role in the drafting of the contract for the installation of the pathway.

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the BCPUD Board of Directors that it is appropriate and in the best interests of the district to award a sole-source contract in an amount not to exceed $45,000 to Jim Jacobsen to install the BCPUD pathway as described herein and as more specifically described in the contract attached to this resolution as Exhibit A and all applicable permits and other authorizing documentation.

    IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED that this resolution was duly introduced and adopted by the Board of Directors of the Bolinas Community Public Utility District on this 16th day of May by the following vote:

AYES:         Amoroso, Kimball, McClellan, Siedman, Smith
NOES:            None 

ABSTAIN:       None

                        Jack Siedman
                        President, Board of Directors

    Jennifer Blackman