Resolution No. 597

proposing An Election Be Held In Its Jurisdiction on November 8, 2011; Requesting The Board Of Supervisors To Consolidate With Any Other Election Conducted On Said Date; And Requesting Election Services By The County Registrar of Voters.

   WHEREAS, it is the determination of the Board of Directors of the Bolinas Community
Public Utility District that the Uniform District Election to be held on the eighth day of November, 2011, at which election the issues to be presented to the voters shall be:

            To elect members to the Board

            Number of Regular Term Positions (4 year)    2
            Number of Short Term Positions (2 year)        0

            and, One or More Ballot and/or Advisory Measures
     BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Supervisors of the County of Marin is
hereby requested to:

     1)  Consolidate said election with any other applicable election conducted on the same day;
2)   Authorize and direct the Registrar of Voters, at District expense, to provide all necessary election services and to canvass the results of said election.        

    PASSED AND ADOPTED at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors on
the 20th day of  April, 2011, by the following vote, to wit:

AYES:   Amoroso, Bender, Siedman, Smith

NOES:   None


ABSENT:   Kimball

                    Jack Siedman              
                    President, Board of Directors


Jennifer Blackman