Bolinas Community Public Utility District

A Regular  Meeting  Of  The Board  Of  Directors
August 22, 2001      270 Elm Road, Bolinas

1.  Call to Order

8:00 p.m.

2. Roll

Directors Amoroso, Bertsch, Kayfetz, McClellan, Siedman present. Director McClellan presiding.

3.  Managerís Report

Plans to remove some trees that are encroaching on the area of operations in the wastewater treatment facility are awaiting more bids. In view of concerns about the response from the County of Marin to a series of tree-cutting operations in the Bolinas area, staff will request written clarification from Brian Crawford at the Community Development Agency on whether the proposed tree removal project and another one at the Resource Recovery site require a Coastal Permit.

Four candidates are running for the three seats on the Board in the November election. A Meet the Candidates night was scheduled for October 24th  at 8 p.m.

In response to Director Amorosoís query about the progress of Waste Managementís request to Stinson Beach County Water District for a rate increase, Manager Buchanan reported that Waste Management manager, Ken Foley, has informed him that the request will go in next week and Foley will provide Buchanan with weekly updates on the process.

4.  Community Expression

The recent tree cutting projects on Horseshoe Hill Road, including the one at the Bolinas Cemetery have raised objections from a number of local residents, leading to the cemetery being ordered to halt its work. Ilka Hartmann asked if BCPUD could request the County to move faster on stopping unpermitted work as the work can be already completed by the time an order to stop reaches the property owners. Director Siedman thought it would be hard to move faster than the twenty-four hours taken in the case of the cemetery. Ralph Camiccia expressed regret that the cemetery appeared to have been scapegoated for other clearcutting projects when it was in the process of legitimate deferred maintenance. Director Kayfetz stated that he was concerned about the process.

--  Kayfetz/Siedman      unanimous     to continue to discuss

--  Kayfetz/Siedman       four ayes, McClellan opposed     to write to the County stating that the District has its own maintenance projects planned and would like clarification of the requirements of the permit process, since there appears to be some inconsistency at this point. In addition to conveying general sentiments expressed at the meeting about the consistency and timeliness of permit enforcement, the letter should note that if the tree company is not put on notice to cease operations, it is a simple matter to move to another site and do another project before being ordered to stop again.

Director McClellan objected to the tone of the letter, preferring it to simply request the rules rather than complain. Director Siedman suggested that the sentiments expressed by Camiccia regarding the cemetery be included. A draft will be sent to all directors approving the motion.

Cela OíConnor advised the Board that a current proposition in front of the County of Marin to limit new housing size in agriculturally zoned areas to 4,000 sq.ft. could be extended to unincorporated areas. She suggested that such a proposal could become an addendum to the Community Plan. Director Amoroso proposed putting the topic on the agenda for the September meeting. Staff will arrange for a representative from the County to attend the meeting.

Stacey Henderson offered the gratis services of Matt Lewis to construct a ramp to make the BCPUD office wheelchair accessible.

--  Kayfetz/Amoroso      unanimous      to make the offer an agenda item

--  Kayfetz /Siedman          unanimous      to accept Hendersonís offer, subject to staff approval

Director Amoroso noted that Rodney and Nick Krieger were in the audience for a Downtown Parking Committee related issue. It was decided to address them under agenda Item 6.

5. Alternative Energy Generation Proposal:  Robert Gold

Directors listened to an outline of a two phase proposal from Tom Willard and Bob Gold to set up windpowered electrical generation at the water treatment facility. Phase One would set up one windmill to provide enough power to reduce use of PG&E generated electricity at Woodrat Treatment Plant to zero. At this point it is unknown if a windmill set up across the road at Woodrat Two reservoir, which has wind data available, would be allowed to send power across the road to the treatment plant; however, if favorable wind data was acquired (using a $6,500 anenometer) at Woodrat Two, the windmill could be located on the same property as the treatment plant.

Phase Two would, if approved in an advisory poll, set BCPUD up as an electric service provider with, ultimately, enough windmills to generate a significant amount of electricity for the town. Although the electricity would continue to be served through the statewide grid, the generation and billing would be handled by the District, as would the interface with PG&E.

Gold suggested that, even if directors are not ready to make a financial commitment to him as the consultant for such a project, it would be a good idea for the District to invest in the anenometer at Woodrat One. Director Kayfetz suggested applying to the Marin Community Foundation to fund this as a pilot project. Alethea Patton, a partner with Willard and Gold in System Design, suggested BCPUD commit to finding a grantwriter. Director Amoroso compared the current electricity crisis to the oil crisis of the 1970s, where, ultimately, gasoline prices did not rise to the levels anticipated at the time. He stated that the Board was not prepared to make a decision and would need more specific financial details.

6.  Downtown Parking Committee:  94924 Parking Plan; general recommendations

Phil Binley reported that the advisory ballot process was clearly defined and underway; the ballot wording has been submitted, as have both pro and con arguments. Rebuttals of both pro and con must be submitted to the Elections Office by August 30.

Refined details of locations for the proposed preferential parking spots were displayed on a map, and explained by Pat Gonzales. Essentially, the spots were located so that access to local businesses by all would not be impeded. The two handicapped spots were determined by the available width of the road. The actual usage of the proposed locations may provide information that leads to their readjustment. Binley noted that all parking would be available to residents at any time and that the plan has recommends providing temporary parking permits for particular circumstances. In addition, preferential parking is always open to all disabled drivers. Gonzales reported that in a first meeting with Supervisor Steve Kinsey and representatives from the Department of Public Works Kinsey expressed support for the plan, subject to its approval in an advisory poll, and will research its status as regards the Coastal Commission. Apparently the College of Marin has recently created its own parking jurisdiction, so a template for Bolinas may be available. Kinsey requested the addition of provisions for alternative transportation, such as bicycle racks and bus stops for the Stagecoach and a possible Bolinas shuttle.

Rodney Krieger indicated that he approved of the plan but recommended measures to encourage Brighton residents to use their own driveways, and to prohibit parking around the tennis court park between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. to avoid the perception that the plan was merely an attempt to secure preferential parking for Brighton residents and to eliminate longterm parking developing. Director Amoroso stated that he supported the plan in principle but not its magnitude, noting that he thought the spaces allotted were about three times the number justified, which has caused him to resign from the committee. He added that he would like to see a more detailed administration plan.

Nick and Rodney Krieger voiced objections to the wording of the initial set of recommendations that have been sent to the County, in which beach use businesses are referred to specifically as unfairly being exempted from the parking requirements set on other businesses. Nick Krieger pointed out that his business brought in a maximum of six vehicles, or 4% of available parking in the area, and of which at least four were only clients for one and a half hours. He stated that no-one has ever talked to him about any concerns about his business and he only knew of the reference to it through an article in the Point Reyes Light. Rodney Krieger pointed out that everyone who has illegally expanded their property has contributed to parking congestion and that it wasnít fair to pick on businesses. Director Kayfetz stated that the surf lessons bring people into town. Gonzales stated that the recommendation was for the County to consider the impact on parking when giving Use Permits, not to go after any one business.

7. Sewer Property Eucalyptus Containment Committee Formation

Director Amoroso assured directors that his nominations for the Eucalyptus Containment Committee should be able to work together to formulate a mutually agreeable plan.

--  Amoroso/Siedman     four ayes, McClellan opposed      to appoint Rudi Ferris, Ilka Hartmann, Dale Polissar, Cabe Silverhame, Meg Simonds and Ann Young to the Eucalyptus Containment Committee.

Director McClellan indicated that he saw no need for any committee to deal with property maintenance issues.

8. Roads:  policy concerning tree maintenance within unpaved rights-of-way

Director McClellan stated that BCPUD is responsible for the roads whether it maintains them or nor, particularly in regard to hazardous trees in the right-of-way. He proposed setting a policy to address potential problems from falling trees. The idea of negotiating individual cases was deemed unworkable and the financial implications of dealing adequately with every hazardous tree in BCPUD rights-of-way, Mesa-wide, being so enormous that the District could not bear the cost, the situation was left unchanged.

9. Resolution 467, citing Board of Directorsí choices for determining 2001-02 appropriations limits

--  Siedman/Amoroso      unanimous      to adopt Resolution 467

10. Resolution 468, stating BCPUDís appropriations limit for fiscal year 2001-02

--  Kayfetz/Siedman      unanimous      to adopt Resolution 468

11. Resolution 469, accepting offer to dedicate easement for public access and recreational use across the top of the bulkhead at AP#193-142-15 (Brighton Beach)

--  Kayfetz/Siedman      unanimous      to adopt Resolution 469

12. Resolution 470, revising Resolution 376, personnel policy

--  Kayfetz/Siedman      unanimous      to adopt Resolution 470

13.  Resolution 471, revising Resolution 173, §7, to add language prohibiting water pipes crossing property lines

Director McClellan raised the question of the language in the resolution prohibiting an owner of two adjacent parcels from legitimately watering a yard on the second parcel. After discussion the wording was amended to avoid specific reference to owners of adjacent parcels.

--  Kayfetz/Bertsch     unanimous     to approve Resolution 471, as amended

14.  Other Business

a. Committee Reports

Cela OíConnor reported that the Bolinas Committee on Park Planning is still awaiting the Environmental Assessment for Rancho Baulinas. BCOPP will be meeting with the National Park Service to tour the radio facility at Commonweal.


    4th quarter financial report

Directors received the 4th quarter financial report


Richard Harris is about to receive a second installment of the monthly reporting of the Districtís legal costs related to his case. Judge Duryee sustained Harrisí demurrers to the cross-complaint, and District counsel has filed the first amended cross-complaint.

Park and Recreation:

    Mesa Park request for windbreak irrigation water

--  Kayfetz/Bertsch     unanimous  to approve the use of up to 5,000 gallons of water by Mesa Park for irrigation.

Director Siedman reported that the water reclamation project does not appear to be eligible for the hoped-for funds from the State Water Bond. Other sources are still being researched.

Solid Waste:

    Resource Recovery Project:  finance / operations;

Director Kayfetz requested a more detailed plan of the proposed site work at Resource Recovery.

    Waste Management 2002 contract negotiations update

Addressed under Community Expression.

a. Minutes of July 18, 2001 Meeting

--  Kayfetz/Bertsch     unanimous      to approve the July 18, 2001 minutes

b. Warrants

--  Kayfetz/Bertsch     unanimous      to approve the warrants

c. Scheduling of Next Meeting(s)

September 19, 2001

15.  Adjournment

11:29 p.m.