Water Supply Update

As of today, Bolinas has received approximately 16 inches of rain thus far this rainfall year as measured at 270 Elm Road (and approximately 22.5 inches of rain as measured at the Woodrat Treatment Plant at 400 Mesa Road).  Although the rainfall totals remain below normal, the rains of February and March were extremely beneficial for our local water supply.  Our emergency reservoirs, Woodrat 1 and Woodrat 2, are now overflowing whereas they had been at nearly 50% capacity in January; even more importantly, the stream flows in our preferred water source, the Arroyo Hondo creek, have recovered from their alarming low levels in January.   As a result, at its regularly scheduled monthly meeting in April, after an extensive discussion, the BCPUD Board of Directors voted unanimously to lift the Heightened Voluntary Conservation Alert it had imposed in January 2014.

Although the heightened voluntary conservation alert has been lifted for now, the BCPUD reminds all customers that this district has a very limited water supply in the best of years, and every effort you make now to conserve will help us to manage this limited supply for the benefit of the community.  The BCPUD further cautions that as the Spring and Summer months progress, the district will be guided by its Water Conservation and Dry Year Water Use Reduction Program and the BCPUD Board may determine that the heightened voluntary conservation alert (or even mandatory rationing) must be imposed again.  Thank you for all that you do to be aware of your water use, to conserve to the extent possible, and to reduce all water waste.

We will keep you apprised via updates in the Hearsay News and on our website:  www.bcpud.org.

Thanks to everyone!

Jennifer Blackman
General Manager