Thank You Again!

Your conservation efforts in response to our January 17th heightened voluntary conservation alert continue to be amazing and continue to exceed our expectations with consumption down by more than 30%.  Please keep up the good work!

As everyone knows, while the rains last week were very welcome, the state remains in a serious drought and we must continue to conserve.  For those of you keeping track, Bolinas received between 6 – 8 inches of rain on the Big Mesa during last weekend’s rains.  As a result, our Woodrat #1 reservoir is now full and our Woodrat #2 reservoir has been substantially replenished (but is not yet full).  That said, at this point we simply don’t know whether we will receive any more significant rains this season – so please continue to do whatever you can to conserve water.

The BCPUD Board will discuss the district’s water supply at its regular monthly meeting next Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.   Please come if you would you like to participate in this important discussion.

Thanks to everyone!

Jennifer Blackman
General Manager