Water Supply Update

THANK YOU!!!   This community’s response to the BCPUD’s  January 17th implementation of a heightened voluntary conservation alert has been nothing short of exceptional.  We asked for a 25% reduction in consumption district-wide, and you have exceeded this goal.  As of the end of the week, district water consumption has declined approximately 32%  (as compared to average consumption levels during 2013) .  Very importantly, as a result of your efforts to conserve, we have been able to meet your demand for water by using our preferred water source, the Arroyo Hondo Creek, and we have not needed to divert any of our emergency stored water from our reservoirs.   This is fantastic and enables us to defer mandatory rationing at this time.  Please keep up your efforts and continue to do whatever you can to conserve water.

Thanks to everyone!

Jennifer Blackman
General Manager